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Core Nutritionals Reveals Loaded Hydrate Formula

By September 1, 2022No Comments
Core Nutritionals HYDRATE

Core Nutritionals is not done innovating in 2022. The brand revealed their upcoming HYDRATE hydration packets launching on September 19th.

CORE HYDRATE is not just another electrolyte/hydration formula. The formula will contain TRAACS minerals and various electrolytes, but the addition of several key ingredients will set this one apart.

The formula will contain a full gram of Taurine. Taurine has been shown to help regulate electrolytes and improve hydration. Each stick packet contains 500mg of Coconut Water Powder. This is a popular ingredient for hydration. ElevATP is used at a full dosage of 150mg. ElevATP is not an exogenous ATP, but it works to improve your body's ability to create it's own ATP. ATP is key in energy production. ConcenTrace AC is dosed at 100mg. ConcenTrace® Active Crystal (AC) is a high potency, standardized mineral and trace mineral complex extracted from Utah's Great Salt Lake. The last ingredient is 50mg of Senactiv from Nuliv Science. Senactiv, formerly known as Actigin, is a patent ingredient comprised of two highly purified and fractionated extracts from Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii that has shown to increase endurance during high intensity interval training, increase ATP production and improve recovery by reducing inflammation and increasing muscle glycogen levels in one in-vivo and four human clinical trials. 

This will instantly become one of the best hydration formulas on the market today with the addition of these key ingredients that will help with overall hydration, performance and recovery.

Core Nutritionals CORE HYDRATE will be available in four flavors: Orange Mango, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch and Blue Ice. They will be available in boxes of 20 packets.

Final Takeaway

Love this direction from Core Nutritionals. On paper this is one of our favorite "hydration" products to date. The big thing will be flavoring. If they flavored these right, this is a must-have product to have to take during any physical activity, hot days, or just days you need more water intake.

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