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elevATP: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage and Supplements

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elevATP is an all-natural combination of ancient peat and apple polyphenols (compounds found abundantly in natural plant food sources that have antioxidant properties) clinically shown to increase levels of endogenous ATP to improve strength, power and performance.

Uses of elevATP

elevATP is a natural complex ingredient from FutureCeuticals used in pre-workout powders, especially the stimulant free pre-workout powders. elevATP is also used in pump products. elevATP increases levels of endogenous ATP which can lead to increased strength, power and performance in resistance-trained athletes. elevATP is made up of 70+ trace minerals from plants and polyphenol-rich apple extract. 

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a complex organic chemical that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells. Some refer to ATP as the “molecular unit of currency.” ATP is able to store and transport chemical energy within cells. elevATP is used, at times, to replace caffeine in non-stim pre-workout powders.

The energy cycle revolves around ATP. When energy is released, ATP becomes ADP as ATP loses a phosphate molecule becoming Adenosine diphosphate. ADP then gains a phosphocreatine molecule becoming ATP again. Carbohydrates are consumed by humans, then converted to glucose and collectively with ATP produces energy.

Research has indicated that oral supplementation with exogenous ATP is unreliable for increasing ATP levels since it breaks down in the gut. elevATP is unique in that it naturally helps ourselves produce our own ATP the way nature intended. elevATP is NOT exogenous ATP, but an ingredient that helps our bodies provide higher levels of ATP via its own internal mechanisms. Due to this, elevATP promotes non-stimulatory energy from our body’s own mitochondria. 

In one study, referenced below, humans were either given a 150mg dose of elevATP or a placebo. The study looked at levels of ATP. In the group that used 150mg elevATP, ATP levels increased 64% vs. the placebo group. It was also suggested that elevATP improves cellular efficiency.

elevATOP study

In a second study, referenced below, human participants were given 150mg dose of elevATP or placebo. The results showed an increase of ATP levels in muscle by 330%.

elevATP studyIn a third study, resistance-trained athletes were given a 150mg dose of elevATP or a placebo over the course of 12-weeks. The study was designed to monitor sports performance. Power/strength results were:

  1. Increase in squat strength (load) +20.1 kg pre to post
  2. Increase in deadlift strength (load) +25.4 kg pre to post
  3. Increase in total strength (load): +57 kg gain in squat, deadlift and bench press combined pre to post
  4. Increase in vertical jump peak power (power exerted)
  5. Increase in vertical jump peak velocity (velocity generated)

The results suggested that 150mg dose of elevATP in resistance-trained athletes, while participating in periodization (a form of training), may enhance performance.

Interactions with elevATP

elevATP can be used with many different ingredients depending on the goal of the formula. We've seen it combined with PeakO2 for energy production and oxygen uptake. We've also seen it combined with Beta-Alanine for an endurance factor in pre-workouts. For strength output, elevATP pairs nicely with Betaine Anhydrous and Creatine.

elevATP is used in pump products too. We see elevATP used with ingredients like Nitrosigine, VASO6, L-Citrulline, and HydroMax (Glycerol).

elevATP also pairs well with cognitive enhancing ingredients like Alpha-GPC and NeuroFactor.

elevATP can also be used in combination with Caffeine.

Side Effects of elevATP

There are no reported side effects with elevATP supplementation.

Recommended elevATP Dosage

The recommended dosage of elevATP is 150mg.

Recommended Supplements Featuring elevATP

The following products contain pure elevATP at the recommended dosage, and are recommended supplements for Fitness Informant:

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