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GHOST X Maxx Chewning Strawbango Margarita Available in Three SKUs

By September 9, 2022No Comments
GHOST X Maxx Chewning Strawbango Margarita

GHOST has teamed up once again with their family member Maxx Chewning to launch a new flavor across three SKUs. Strawbango Margarita will be the newest Maxx inspired flavor available now in GHOST Energy, GHOST Legend and GHOST Pump.

Like their collaborations in the past with Maxx, GHOST Legend will feature a slightly different formula than GHOST OG Legend. GHOST Legend X Maxx Chewning includes VasoDrive-AP at 254mg for pumps. It also includes NeuroFactor at 100mg. GHOST X Maxx Legend does not include Rauwolfia or Senactiv.

GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump will be the same formula as the original Pump.

GHOST X Maxx Chewning GHOST Energy will be the same GHOST Energy formula.

The flavor is descriptive. Hints of strawberry and mango with the combined margarita flavoring makes this one unique flavor that users will want to try.

GHOST X Maxx Chewning Strawbango Margarita will be available online at and Vitamin Shoppe locations.

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Final Takeaway

I got the opportunity to travel to GHOST HQ in Chicago and try this one. I had the GHOST Energy version of it - it was spectacular. This flavor rivals Orange Cream for me in terms of my favorite. I do prefer this formula of Legend as well over the OG, just a personal preference. Get this now before it is gone.

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