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KLOUT PWR Revals Karma Nootropic Pre-Workout

By September 10, 2022No Comments

KLOUT PWR continues their launch train with the new reveal of Karma, their nootropic pre-workout powder. Karma, which is set to launch on September 15th, will be available in three flavors in Poison Apple, Arctic Cherry and Juicy Burst.

KLOUT PWR Karma Supplement Facts Panel

KLOUT PWR Supplement Facts PanelKLOUT PWR’s new Karma nootropic pre-workout is fueled by several branded ingredients directed to improve cognition and pumps.  The formula starts with 1.6g of nooLVL from Nutrition 21. This ingredient has been used in a lot of gaming supplements as it has been shown to improve reaction time and mental clarity. It also will improve blood flow (which is a big reason why cognition increases).

Karma also uses two versions of NO3-T Nitrates in Betaine Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate. Users will get a total of 1,500mg of exogenous nitrates, with 1,000mg coming from Betaine Nitrates and 500mg from Sodium Nitrates. Exogenous nitrates are used to improve and increase blood flow.

Tyrosine, a nonessential amino acid, is dosed at 1,000mg. Tyrosine has been gaining a lot of popularity for its cognitive benefits. We have started seeing this as high as 2g per serving in some nootropic formulas.

Caffeine Anhydrous is used at 275mg. The ranges of caffeine in pre-workouts have been 200-400mg for years. At 275mg most users should feel this.

Green Tea Extract is used at 150mg. This is standardized to 15% EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). EGCG has been shown to improve blood flow and may improve cognitive performance.

Pink Himalayan Salt is dosed at 100mg. This can help with hydration and pumps.

Di-Caffeine Malate is dosed at 25mg. This is used at a small amount (yields approximately 74% caffeine) to aid the longevity of the energy influx and prevent a crash.

AstraGin from Nuliv is used to aid in ingredient absorption.

Lastly, the brand uses 10mg of Thinkamine. We have only seen this ingredient used in one other supplement. Vincamine is a cerebral vasodilator. This can help improve blood flow to the brain which can improve memory, focus and clarity.

Final Takeaway

I like this formula a lot. I am a BIG fan of lower stim, higher concentration on cognition and blood flow. This does just that. Now I have not had a chance to use this product (yet) but we will provide you a full breakdown on effectiveness when we do get it.

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