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KLOUT PWR Launching PWR Burn Fat Burner Capsule

FIt Butters

KLOUT PWR continues to expand their product selection with the official announcement that they are launching their very first fat burning capsule PWR Burn on March 26th.

KLOUT PWR has gained popularity over the past couple years with great looking labels, solid formulas and above average flavors. PWR Burn will be the brand's second capsule product behind Pump Kaps, but PWR Burn is a dedicated fat burner.

KLOUT PWR PWR Burn Fat Burner

At some point all brands launch a fat burner. The difference between many of them is how they are formulated. There are many aspects of “fat loss” a brand can address. The new KLOUT PWR PWR Burn looks at several aspects of weight loss including appetite suppression, thermogenesis and improved metabolism.

KLOUT PWR PWR Burn SFPThe formula starts with 500mg Green Coffee Bean Extract yielding 50% Chlorogenic Acid. This is similar to caffeine but less potent. It can aid in focus. Although the correlation isn’t super strong, there are studies that have linked Chlorogenic Acid to the metabolism of blood glucose. 

Caffeine Anhydrous is dosed at 300mg per serving. This is the typical amount of caffeine we are seeing in fat burners to stimulate the central nervous system and improve metabolism while reducing appetite.

Dandelion Root Powder is dosed at 300mg. This has been shown to help in digestion and shed excess water weight. Studies have shown that dandelion root extract is an effective diuretic. There is no clinical dosages but we’ve seen 100mg-500mg used.

White Willow Bark Extract is dosed at 150mg. Studies on White Willow Bark Extract and weight loss are not in abundance, in fact not many exist or understand the correlation between weight loss and supplementation. White Willow Bark may promote fat oxidation and weight loss.

Theobromine, a metabolite of caffeine, is dosed at 150mg. This can aid in increasing body temperature and thermogenesis. 

Advantra Z, a branded version of Synepherine, is used at 100mg. This yields 50% Synepherine which would be 50mg. This can activate the CNS and help aid in fat loss through increased metabolism and increased body temperature. 

Atlantic Kelp Powder, which yields 225mcg Iodine, is used at 56mg. This may help regulate blood glucose levels through an improvement of blood glucose metabolism.

CaloriBurn, a branded version of Grains of Paradise, comes to us from NNB Nutrition. We get 15mg. Studies by NNB Nutrition were at the minimum levels of 30mg, however a minimum of 40mg must be used to make energy expenditure claims. Grains of Paradise may aid in body composition.

Black Pepper Extract is used for absorption purposes. You get 10mg per serving.

Lastly, GBBGO is dosed at 7.5mg. This is converted to L-Carnitine in the body and can make you sweat. 

Overall this is a standard fat burner with a focus on increased energy expenditure, increased body temperature and potential water weight reduction and appetite suppression.

KLOUT PWR PWR Burn will be available in a 30-serving container on March 26th. 

Final Takeaway

It is a nice first take into the ultra competitive fat burning category. KLOUT PWR has a great following, so by creating a fat burner they are giving their customers another reason to not go elsewhere. Fat burners won't work unless you do, but overall this is a great attempt at taking on the category.

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