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NutraBio Launches Pre-Sale for Peachy Glutes Leg Day

NutraBio Peachy Glutes Leg Day

NutraBio launched a new flavor of Leg Day called Peachy Glutes exclusively in Columbia, but it is now traveling north to the states and is now available for pre-sale.

Peachy Glutes has been described as a peach/mango/candy ring flavor. This is the brand's 6th flavor of their popular intra-workout product Leg Day. 

The on-sale date of Peachy Glutes Leg Day will be Friday, May 13th, but people can pre-order it now for shipment on 5/13.

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Final Takeaway

Leg Day is my favorite intra-workout product. If you can fit the carbs into your plan it is a great fuel source to not only drive performance but deliver pumps. The flavor sounds like it is up my alley. Once we get our sample we will deliver to you our full on one-sip review.

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