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Primeval Labs Previews New Ape Sh*t Max Pumps

Primeval Labs Ape Shit Max Pumps

Primeval Labs has revealed the details behind their newest member of the Ape Sh*t family, Ape Sh*t Max Pumps. The brand not only revealed the flavor, Cherry Lemonade, but also the full details behind the supplement facts panel. In February we revealed the details behind Ape Sh*t Max, the premium pre-workout, but it now appears both are slotted for a summer 2022 launch.

Ape Sh*t Max Pumps Supplement Facts Panel

Much like Ape Sh*t Max, Ape Sh*t Max Pump is fully loaded. The formulas are similar to one another, with Pumps not having any stimulants, but there are several additions to Pumps that make it stand out.

Per 2 scoops, this is the formula:

3DPUMP-Breakthrough: 6g
Beta Alanine: 3,200mg
Betaine Anhydrous: 2,500mg
L-Tyrosine: 2,000mg
Taurine: 2,000mg
Nitrosigine: 1,500mg
Agmatine Sulfate: 1,500mg
AlphaSize Alpha-GPC: 600mg
Grape Seed Extract: 300mg
ElevATP: 150mg
S7: 100mg
Black Pepper Extract: 10mg

The big differences between the formulas is that Ape Sh*t Pumps drops Caffeine and TeaCrine but adds Agmatine Sulfate, AlphaSize Alpha-GPC and Grape Seed Extract for improved focus and pumps.

Could you realistically stack both? Sure…but it might be a wild ride. Ape Sh*t Max is truly a stim based pre-workout while Ape Sh*t Pumps is truly a non-stim pre-workout and fully loaded pump product.

Both Ape Sh*t Max and Ape Sh*t Pumps are set to be released together sometime in June.

Final Takeaway

I love this non-stim formula. I have not had a chance to try it yet, but you will for sure get full on pumps from it and great focus. I love the use of Nitrosigine at the full dosage, the addition of Grape Seed Extract and AlphaSize Alpha-GPC is my favorite nootropic on the market today. We will get you all info as soon as we can when we can try it!

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