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Performix Launches Re-Brand and New SST Pre at Olympia

By September 13, 2019No Comments
Performix SST Pre

Performix is back on the radar after almost two years of a quiet period. The brand re-launched at the 2019 Olympia with a new look and a new version of their pre-workout.

Performix was one of the fastest growing and most selling brands at GNC. In its first year the brand launched over 100 SKUs. Since then: none. Until now.

SST Pre LabelPerformix’s first product to launch under the new look will be their new SST Pre. SST Pre will feature a unique Molecular Hydrogen Complex containing a full gram of Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL, 500mg Sea Salt and other hydration ingredients.

Returning to the pre-workout will be the authentic CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine. It will also feature Citrulline Malate, 300mg Caffeine, Lion’s Mane, Vaso6, Theanine and Yohimbine at 3.2mg. 

The new version SST Pre will be available in Berry Lemonade, Blue Razz and Orange Vanilla Cola.

The new line will be available at GNC and


Fitness Informant's POV

Performix's re-brand looks great. It is one of the most appealing packages I have seen with the unique square that they brought to life on their line. Performix has some cool stuff planned for future launches. Their line will not be hardcore, but will offer some different products with unique attributes, like the molecular hydrogen complex in SST Pre.

The label on SST Pre has some good things and some things we'd like to see at higher levels. The 300mg Caffeine is a good dosage as we like to see more come in at this range. Beta-Alanine at 2g is something I don't get upset about since it is a daily ingredient. I would like to see Citrulline Malate at double the dosage they use. Lion's Mane is a nice addition as well to this product. Vaso6 could also see an increase to the 300mg level.

The brand is also doing research behind all of their products at their Performix House. These results will be published for all to see (note: we've seen the results and video and it is a new way to show effectiveness of a product).

Performix is also doing really good things for our veterans with their FitOps program. More on this soon...Sign-up for alerts above to be notified of more on the brand as we learn.

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