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RYSE Launches Bazooka Classic Grape Loaded Pre

By November 24, 2022No Comments
RYSE Bazooka Classic Grape

The groundwork was set in stone the minute RYSE painted the Bazooka logo on the walls of their gym at their corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX, but it was not until now that the realization of RYSE X Bazooka became real. The brands first official collaboration, RYSE X Bazooka Classic Grape Loaded Pre is now available.

RYSE has several versions of their pre-workouts, with Loaded Pre being the most popular. The formula contains 400mg of total caffeine, 300mg from caffeine anhydrous and 100mg from zumXR extended release caffeine.

Final Takeaway

Grape is just a classic flavor that many love. I think the collaboration with Bazooka is cool. I was fully expecting more of a bubblegum flavor with Bazooka, but I am very curious and interested in trying this one.

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