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Storm Reveals Supplement Facts Panel Behind New Fat Burner Burn

By January 11, 2022January 17th, 2022No Comments
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Storm Burn

New brand of the year nominee in 2021 Storm has officially revealed the details behind their next product launch. Storm Burn will be a powder based fat burner from the new brand. Storm Burn will join Storm's Pre-Workout and highly rated Focus product to be the brands third powder based performance product.

Storm Burn Supplement Facts Panel

Storm has taken a unique approach to formulation. Their Focus product is one of our favorites, champion a new ingredient, BrainBerry, in the market. Storm Burn is another well formulated product that could potentially second as a nootropic, but has a higher amount of caffeine to aid in stimulating the CNS to improve metabolism.

Storm Burn SFPThe formula starts with 1,500mg L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl at 1,500mg for a total of 3,000mg Carnitine. We are a fan of a total of 3,000mg Carnitine. We do like the multiple sources of Carnitine as well. ALCAR can aid in cognition as well. Although Carnitine does not directly lead to fat loss, it can improve energy levels which will aid in burning fatty acids for fuel and improving output. 

We mentioned ALCAR can improve cognition. Storm elected to include 1335mg VitaCholine, 500mg Tyrosine and 100mg NeuroFactor. These three ingredients alone could be a nootropic supplement. These should improve focus and mental clarity. What does this have to do with fat loss or fat burning? The idea is the more focused you can be, the less likely you are to eat out of boredom. This is pure theory. 

For energy the formula includes 300mg Caffeine. If you compare this to their Focus product, this is over 3x more than Focus. Theobromine is also used at 50mg. So while this may be a similar formula or have similar impact as Focus, there is much more caffeine to aid in potential performance should you use this as a pre-workout or speeding up your metabolism through stimulating the CNS. 

The one ingredient that doesn’t stand out under where you normally would look for actives is 400mcg of Chromax from Nutrition 21. This Chromium Picolinate. Chromium has been shown to have numerous benefits on weight management from body composition, glucose metabolism and appetite suppression. Chromax has a 15x more biovalability rate than generic chromiums on the market. 

FIt Butters

Storm’s new Burn product will be available in the brand’s two flagship flavors, Blue Raspberry Rage and Sour Steezy Sour Peach. 

The launch date is January 18th.

Stay tuned to FI for more.

Final Takeaway

This is a unique formula that, in my opinon, is more of a very strong nootropic that can aid with fat loss through increased energy levels and concentration. We have received our unit of Burn and will provide a quick feedback video prior to launch.

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