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Tonificare HydroLyte Combines Hydration with Improved Performance Ingredients

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Tonificare HydroLyte

Tonificare may be a brand you have not heard a lot about. They are an apparel company that also makes supplements. OR maybe they are a supplement company that makes apparel, either way, their products have gone through extensive reformulations and restructuring where what they are putting out into the nutrition universe are good, quality supplements.

Tonificare, like many other supplement brands, makes your typical products: pre-workout, pump, fat burners, aminos and proteins. Many of their products stand out, but their new HydroLyte could very well be one of the best, convenient on-the-go hydration products that will boost performance with key ingredients.

Tonifcare does make a Hydrate product with BCAAs, Taurine and more, but HydroLyte from Tonificare is their pillar hydration and performance formula.

Tonificare HydroLyte Enhanced Electrolyte Hydrations Mix

With so many different products on the market today that target hydration (it is one of the fastest growing categories in sports nutrition) it is important to know that what you are getting can also impact you in other ways, positively, like Tonificare HydroLyte Enhanced Hydration Mix does.

Tonificare HydroLyte SFPThe formula uses the patent Calci-K from Balchem which blends calcium, potassium, and phosphorus molecules into a patented, easily absorbed complex. When you look at the supplement facts panel you see this show up under Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Users are also getting key vitamins in 100mg Vitamin C, 6mg Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), 300mcg Vitamin B12 and 30 mg NE Vitamin B3.

The hydration complex consists of 1,600mg Taurine, which can help regulate electrolytes, 500mg Coconut Water Powder for cellular hydration and 500mg Pink Himalayan Salt is solid across the board. 

The highlight of HydroLyte comes in the “Energy & Absorption Enhancer”. Users get 150mg ElevATP. This is the clinical dosage of ElevATP which has been clinically proven to increase levels of endogenous ATP to improve strength, power and performance.

Senactiv, from Nulive Science, is another tremendous ingredient used at the clinical dosage of 50mg.  Senactiv has shown to increase endurance during high intensity interval training, increase ATP production and improve recovery by reducing inflammation and increasing muscle glycogen levels in one in-vivo and four human clinical trials. 

The last ingredient is AstraGin from Nuliv which aids in absorption.

Overall, this formula is one of the best on the market for hydration plus, meaning it is more than just electrolytes.

There are two flavors of HydroLyte on the market today, both based on fresca flavors. The first is Hibiscus Agua Fresca and Cucumber Agua Fresca. Both are refreshing flavors, and both are sweetened with Stevia and are naturally flavored.

These come in a convenient 20-pack pouch for easy on-the-go hydration and performance.

Differences between HydroLyte and Hydrate

Not to spend a ton of time highlighting the differences between the two products, but Hydrate is more of an EAA product with Taurine and Coconut Water while HydroLyte is more of an electrolyte product with an increased focus on performance output and ATP replenishment.

Both are great products, but HydroLyte would be superior for oveall performance output.

HydroLyte is $32.99 for 20-servings. Hydrate is $29.99 for 25-servings. HydroLyte is a more expensive formula. 

Final Takeaway

This is a very good hydration formula, but I like to call it a Hydration Plus formula as there's more to this than just electrolytes and cellular hydration. The use of elevATP and Senactiv makes this one of my favorite products to use intra-workout or just throughout the day to help replenish ATP, which is necessary for my way of life. 

Both flavors are good and very unique. I believe this is what the brand really wanted to accomplish with their flavor designs, something VERY different, but something very good and refreshing.

If you are looking to find a more cost-effective and more overall effective product for performance and hydration, HydroLyte Enhanced Electrolyte Hydration Mix is a solid option from Tonificare.

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