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iForce Nutrition Swolemate Review

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iForce Nutrition Swolemate

iForce Nutrition Swolemate


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


7.0 /10


8.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • 7g BCAAs
  • Extra Beta Alanine
  • Extra Betaine
  • Value


  • Non-Fermented BCAAs

Overview of iForce Nutrition Swolemate

iForce Nutrition, a sub-brand of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, has made many eye-catching products in their history. Products like Hemavol and Dexaprine were staples in many people’s supplement stacks.

iForce jumps into the BCAA game by giving us 30-servings of 2:1:1 BCAA (7g) while combining it with strength and endurance ingredients Beta Alanine and Betaine to be a powerhouse intra-workout. Oh, let’s not forget you also get the pump producing ingredient of L-Cittruline as well. Overall, Swolemate is a solid intra-workout that gives you more than just the BCAAs. It packs a punch and can help contribute to your gains.

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Testing Results and Ratings

We reviewed iForce Nutrition Swolemate on five categories. We first start by looking at it’s ingredient profile. This portion of the review looks at the amount of aminos used, as well as the kind of aminos, the ratio and other ingredients involved in the making of this BCAA powder.

We then look at effectiveness. A high BCAA product will be effective. This is generally an extension of the profile section. The higher quality ingredients used at proper dosages, the more effective that product will be.

Then we move into the taste of the different flavors we’ve tried. We grade each flavor separately and average the scores for their overall taste rating. We were able to test out the following flavors: Rocket Pop.

Mixability refers to how well the powder mixes in 12oz of water. We use the shaker bottle test. This would be your typical Blender Bottle with the spiral chrome ball.

Finally, we talk about value. Value is the combination of profile, effectiveness, taste and mixability in relation to cost. Another part of value are the competitors and other versions of BCAA products on the market; both with and without caffeine.

Ingredients Profile


You see a lot of marketing gimmicks when it comes to BCAA ratios. The thing to do now is to give you a 4:1:1, 5:1:1 or even 10:1:1 ratio. This is a marketing tactic. The consumer may think that more Leucine is beneficial since it’s the key that turns the mTOR engine. However, that is not true. The 2:1:1 ratio has been scientifically studied for years and proven to be the right ratio for muscle recovery. Companies who dose higher than that do it for marketing purposes, plus Leucine is the cheapest of the three BCAAs.

With Swolemate you get 7g of 2:1:1 BCAA ratios. This is a great amount of BCAAs to consume intra-workout. The label actually recommends 2-servings (this would bring your 30-serving container down to 15-servings) so you get 14g of BCAA. A 200lb person generally needs 15-20g of BCAA a day for intense exercise. The one area of concern for us is that it doesn’t state fermented BCAAs on the label. That means these BCAAs could come from bird feathers, beaks, human hair, etc.

On-top-of-the proven 2:1:1 BCAA you get, iForce tosses in several other ingredients you’d typically get in your pre-workout. For one serving you get 1.5g of Beta Alanine. This has been shown to improve muscle endurance. The clinical dosage is 3.2g. With their recommended two-scoop serving you would get a clinical dosed value of Beta Alanine.

Another strength/endurance ingredient you get is Betaine at 1.25g. This is half of the clinical value as well. Again, two scoops you would get 2.5g. This has been shown to increase power output per

Lastly, you get a pump producing ingredient in L-Cittruline. This has been shown to increase blood flow (the pump is beneficial for muscle-recovery and repair). You get 1g of L-Cittruline. Most pre-workouts are dosed either at the clinical dose of 6g or they come in significantly under that. This would help supplement that.

Swolemate label



If you stick with the 1-serving you are getting 7g of BCAA, 1.6g of Beta Alanine, 1.25g of Betaine and 1g of L-Cittruline. This is still a very solid, effective profile for an intra-workout. Some pre-workouts don’t even give you that much Beta Alanine or Betaine.

You do feel hydrated while drinking these aminos. You don’t get tired as quickly. That is the combination of the BCAAs, Beta Alanine and Betaine. Swolemate wins in a landslide versus plain water when it came to endurance in the gym.

When you decide to go with two scoops, which we did several times, the pump becomes more noticeable, as well as the endurance and strength output.

Overall, this is an effective intra-workout BCAA.


Rocket Pop: (7/10)

Swolemate has the iForce name on the container, but it is manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The Rocket Pop flavor is identical to the Rocket Pop flavor used in the Mesomorph review we did here. Overall, it is good, but tends to be on the “sweeter” side.



One serving of Swolemate is 15g. That does fully dissolve well in 8-12oz of water. If you do go with their recommended two scoops then you will find mixability to be a bit more difficult. Keep in mind, you are getting a lot more ingredients in this intra-workout than just a 5g BCAA product (which is typically 7-8g with flavoring and other fillers).



I am a big fan of the price tag on Swolemate. For less than $25 you get 30-servings of 2:1:1 BCAA (7g) with the extras of Beta Alanine, Betaine and L-Cittruline. If you are looking for just a straight BCAA product, then you can get a 5g BCAA product with 100 servings for $30 or so, but you won’t be getting the other added benefits of the extra ingredients used here in Swolemate.

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