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Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics founder, Mike Mathews, and author of Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, created Legion Athletics to sell directly to the consumer, cutting out the middleman and the markups. Mike wanted to create a brand that would do the following:

  • All ingredients backed by peer-reviewed scientific literature
  • Good value per serving
  • All dosages at clinically effective levels
  • Honest marketing

With that, he created Legion Athletics: Backed By Science, Proven By You.

Legion Athletics Latest Reviews

legion whey

Legion Athletics Whey+ Review: Naturally Flavored, Naturally Good

Legion Athletics is a WPI product that comes at a solid price, and is naturally flavored.

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Legion Athletics Pulse Review: Straight Forward Profile To Get Your Pulse Going

Legion Athletics Pulse is a straight forward pre-workout mean to help with energy, pumps, and performance.

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Legion Athletics Latest News

legion phoenix

Legion Athletics Phoenix: A Comparison of the Old and New

Today, we take a look at Legion Athletics Phoenix, and compare the old label to the new one.

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legion phoenix

Legion Athletics Launches Reformulated Phoenix

Legion Athletics has officially launched a reformulated version of their non-stim fat burner Pheonix.

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legion triumph

Legion Athletics Triumph: A Triumphant MV

Today we look at Legion Triumph, and see what separates it from the rest.

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legion recharge

Legion Athletics Recharge: Recharge After Your Workout

Today we look at Legion Recharge, a post-workout supplement meant to aid with recovery, and performance.

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Brand Spotlight: Legion Athletics

Today we take a look at Legion Athletics, and what makes them one of the more consistent brands in the sports nutrition industry.

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legion ascend

Legion Athletics Ascend: Ascend To A Better State of Mind

In this educational article, we go over Ascend, a nootropic supplement from Legion Athletics.

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