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Anabolic Warfare Project Gains All About Strength Gains

Anabolic Warfare Project Gains

It's not every day you see a brand come out with a series of products formulated to be used with others across the spectrum of products to achieve a specific result. If you're looking to lose fat and weight or gain muscle and strength, Anabolic Warfare has a series of projects in their Project Muscle series formulated for you.

Project Gains is a product that was formulated to improve users strength leading to increased muscle mass and growth. Featuring key ingredients like Mediator PA and Turkesterone, Project Gains is one of the newer products on the market featuring intriguing muscle building ingredients.

Anabolic Warfare Project Gains Supplement Facts

The sports nutrition industry has many ingredients come and go. Some claim to be the next big thing, then quickly fade away, while others stick around for a while. Project Gains from Anabolic Warfare has a combination of ingredients with some proven track records and some where the verdict is TBD, but time will tell.

Project Gains SFPProject Gains from Anabolic Warfare starts wtih 1g of D-Aspartic Acid. This is one of the most common ingredients used in testosterone boosters. D-Aspartic Acid has many studies on the ability of this ingredient to raise test levels, but there isn’t 100% conclusive evidence of such.  Per this study subjects had an average increase of 42% in testosterone. This of course is what really got the supplement industry behind DAA. DAA has been shown to be beneficial for fertility purposes. This is a better reason to consider supplementing with DAA. Dosing can be up to 3g per day to see a benefit. Users may need to take 2x servings per day of Project Gains to get an adequate amount of DAA or stack it with another Project Muscle product to get an adequate dosage. 

Mediator 50P (Mediator PA) Phosphatidic Acid is dosed at 600mg at 50% (300mg PA). Studies have shown that at levels of 250mg up to 375mg users experienced increased strength, lean body mass and mass. This was based on 8-weeks of use against a placebo group. Mediator PA works by activating mTOR. 

Turkesterone is used next at 200mg, yielding 10% Turkesterone. Turkesterone, otherwise known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, belongs to the group of ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids, per WebMD, are chemicals found in insects, certain water animals, and some plants.  Ecdysteroids are most commonly used for increasing muscle mass and improve athletic performance. Per a study, extracts from A. turkestanica (Turkesterone) produced anabolic effects in skeletal muscle cells. However this same study noted that Turkesterone was not anymore potent than other ecdysteroids. Turkesterone works by increasing muscle protein synthesis. This increased MPS by up to 20%. This same study also indicated grip strength increased as well. 


Pine Bark Extract is dosed at 150mg. Pine Bark Extract is mostly marketed as a cardiovascular health supplement. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study done on 23 patients with CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), subjects supplementing with 200mg of Pycnogenol a day experienced better blood flow. We like to see this dosed between 100-200mg.

BioPerine is used at 5mg to help with absorption.

Final Takeaway

Overall this is one of the better muscle-building supplements in the Project Muscle lineup. The use of Mediator PA, which we are fans of here, is a big addition to this produce. The jury is still out on Turkesterone, and if it does in fact work like other ectysteroids, this could be one of the most impactful muscle building products on the market today.

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