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Turkesterone The Hero Ingredient of New Anabolic Warfare Project Hulk

Anabolic Warfare Project Hulk

Is the hype real? That is the big questions, but more and more brands are producing and more people are taking Turkesterone today than ever before. This isn't just some underground, gray area ingredient. Some of the most well-respected brands on the planet are producing products with it in it.

Those brands also include Anabolic Warfare. As part of their Project Muscle series, Anabolic Warfare has launched a product called Project Hulk centered around the hype ingredient, Turkesterone. 

Anabolic Warfare Project Hulk Supplement Facts

Turkesterone, otherwise known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, belongs to the group of ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids, per WebMD, are chemicals found in insects, certain water animals, and some plants.  Ecdysteroids are most commonly used for increasing muscle mass and improve athletic performance.

In 2015 a study was conducted on ecdysteroids to determine if they were as anabolic as companies claim them to be. The results indicated that after 21-days of in-vitro (this is not oral) administration of ecdysteroids demonstrate that ecdysterone induces hypertrophy of muscles with a comparable or even higher potency as shown for anabolic androgenic steroids, SARMs or IGF-1.

Project Hulk SFPPer another study, extracts from A. turkestanica (Turkesterone) produced anabolic effects in skeletal muscle cells. However this same study noted that Turkesterone was not anymore potent than other ecdysteroids.

Turkesterone works by increasing muscle protein synthesis. This increased MPS by up to 20%. This same study also indicated grip strength increased as well. 

Most manufactures of this ingredient will recommend 250-500mg per day. With Project Hulk you are getting 500mg of Turkesterone per dose. 

A big issue in our space is that many of the Turkesterone products on the market contain far less Turkesterone as labeled on the label. 

NOTE: this is NOT an anabolic steroid.

Final Takeaway

I have not been a big believer in Turkesterone, but the more and more we read on it, the more I am convinced that there is potential. The issue I still have is much of the research is done via in-vitro and not orally. What I don't know is how much actual gets absorbed into your blood stream to work? Based on feedback from users, however, it appears it works and works well. You are getting a quality Turkesterone product here with Project Hulk. 

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