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Apollon Nutrition From Dusk Till Dawn: Optimize Sleep and Relaxation

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Apollon is no newbie when it comes to formulating some of the most premium products in the supplement industry. While they are widely known for their variety of innovative, maxed-out pre-workouts, Apollon also brings to the table a plethora of high quality products amongst other supplement categories. And their newly released From Dusk Till Dawn sleep product deserves all the praise.

Let's take a deeper look into the beauty behind this formula, shall we?

Apollon From Dusk Till Dawn Supplement Facts

*Disclaimer: this formula breakdown is based off an 12g (1 scoop) serving size

L-Glycine - 3000mg

To start off strong, From Dusk Till Dawn features 3000mg of the amino acid L-Glycine. L-Glycine acts as a neurotransmitter and has been shown to enhance sleep in human subjects. Supplementation with L-Glycine has been shown to passively diffuse across the blood-brain barrier and modulate the central nervous system. By activating glycinergic neurons, this mechanism promotes relaxation of muscles during REM sleep; this makes it a solid addition to any sleep/relaxation product.

GABA - 3000mg

GABA is the most popular relaxation ingredients in the industry. It is known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in and helps to regulate 1) depressive and 2) sedative actions; this means GABA plays a significant role in deep sleep and relaxation. While it is widely documented as to how GABA acts in the body, there is little literature supporting these claims in regards to oral supplementation at least. This is due to the fact that in order for the benefits of GABA to take effect, it first must cross the blood-brain barrier, which is no easy feat by any means. In regard to oral supplementation, more human trials would certainly be beneficial.

Lemon Balm Herb Powder 1000mg

Lemon Balm Powder, also known as Melissa officinalis, is an herbal extract that has been used for millenia due to its anxiolytic and stress reducing properties. Lemon Balm provides a sedative effect, which makes it a highly beneficial ingredient for sleep promotion. However, Lemon Balm does indeed cause drowsiness and slows reaction time, but as long as you're taking it at nighttime, you should be good to rock and roll!

FIt Butters

Zylaria - 1000mg

The first of two patented NuLiv Science ingredients featured in From Dusk Till Dawn, Zylaria supports both 1) sleep and 2) mood by promoting GABA levels in the brain. As mentioned above, GABA is known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter; a neurotransmitter that blocks chemical messages from being passed along. Fun fact, GABA is actually the most present inhibitory neurotransmitter in the adult human brain and plays a substantial role in sleep and relaxation. Zylaria's mechanism of action is rather unique, and it acts in several different ways:

  1. Reduces GABA-T, an enzyme that breaks down GABA to glutamate. This helps to increase GABA levels within the brain.
  2. Increases GAD activity; a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in balancing chemicals in the brain, specifically GABA.
  3. Increases Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF. Low levels of BDNF are linked to poor sleep quality and depression in adult subjects.

To make it clear as can be, Zylaria increases GABA levels, prevents the breakdown of GABA, and increases BDNF. All three of these mechanisms have a wide range of benefits including enhanced mood, relaxation, deep sleep, sleep quality, and brain function. Overall, it is a great ingredient to include in a deep sleep/relaxation formula, which is why Apollon opted to include it within their From Dusk Till Dawn formula.

L-Theanine - 500mg

L-Theanine is one of the most popular anti-anxiety ingredients on the planet. L-theanine is a nonessential amino acid used to reduce stress and anxiety. There is substantial literature correlating supplementation with L-Theanine to enhanced relaxation during stressful situations. Supplementation with L-Theanine has also been shown to pose a wide range of cognitive benefits, including increased:

  1. Cognition
  2. Attention
  3. Executive function
  4. Memory
  5. Sleep quality

It is becoming increasingly common for L-Theanine to be paired with caffeine. This is due to the fact that L-Theanine reduces anxiety/jitters related to caffeine intake and helps to "smooth out" the rush of energy. In doing so, this unique mechanism allows for enhanced nootropic effects while at the same time, also helps to negate the unpleasant side effects related to caffeine consumption. So if you're a chronic caffeine consumer and looking for an ingredient to aid in sleep at night time, L-theanine is definitely worth a look.

Sensoril- 250mg 

Ashawaganda has recently undergone an increase in popularity within the supplement industry, and for good reason. It's known as an adaptogenic herb and has been used in ancient Ayurveda medicine for centuries due to its anxiety and stress reducing properties. Ashawaganda is rich in many bioactive compounds; its benefits are often attributed to its rich withanolide content; compounds that have a variety of benefits including antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and hormone balancing properties.

Ashawaganda reduces our stress hormone cortisol. Chronic increase in cortisol levels has been linked to a number of negative health parameters; by reducing our stress hormone cortisol, it will help to promote overall health and well-being. Because of its cortisol-reducing properties, there is substantial evidence to support the fact that Ashawaganda may improve time to fall asleep and sleep quality in subjects with and without insomnia.

AstraGin - 50mg

The second of NuLiv Science's patented ingredients featured in From Dusk Till Dawn, AstraGin is potentially their most popular. This unique, plant based compound provides "full gut support" through enhanced nutrient absorption, microbiota viability, immune cell viability, and promotion of a healthy intestinal wall environment.

AstraGin increases the number of transporter proteins present within the gut; these transporter proteins are responsible for carrying nutrients to the wall of the intestine, where they are absorbed into the body and put to use.

In vivo and in vitro studies suggest that AstraGin significantly increases the absorption of amino acids, primarily arginine. AstraGin also has data supporting the absorption of histidine, lysine, glucose, folate, creatine, agmatine, beta-alanine, choline, citrulline, BCAAs, and carnitine. AstraGin works in almost any formula, and has rightfully landed itself a spot in From Dusk Till Dawn's stacked formula.

Melatonin - 5mg

To round out the formula, From Dusk Till Dawn features a solid dose of melatonin at 5mg. While most of us are familiar with melatonin, it's important to know how it acts in the body. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and plays a crucial role in maintaining the body's sleep-wake cycle. Upon arousal, melatonin levels naturally drop as one is exposed to light. When daylight begins to dwindle, melatonin levels naturally rise and helps induces a tired state.

Apollon Nutrition From Dusk Till Dawn Details

Apollon From Dusk Till Dawn is available for $54.95 on Apollon's website (linked below) for 20 full servings. It is currently available in two flavors:

  1. Raspberry Tea
  2. Honey. Lemon Tea

Athlete codes are available to save 15%!

Use code INFORMANT to save 15%

Final Takeaway

There's a lot to like about this formula, but what's new from Apollon. From Dusk Till Dawn features many research-backed ingredients aimed at promoting deep sleep and relaxation, and it does exactly that. I personally have had a chance to try this out for myself, and have certainly had a better nights rest on each occasion. If you struggle with sleep (and almost 80% of Americans do on a day to day basis), then From Dusk Till Dawn would be a solid addition to your supplement stash.

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Apollon Nutrition From Dusk Till Dawn: Optimize Sleep and Relaxation

Apollon Nutrition’s From Dusk Till Dawn features several clinically dosed ingredients aimed at promoting deep sleep and relaxation.

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