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Axe & Sledge Reveals New 212 Thermo

Axe & Sledge 212 Thermo

Axe and Sledge will add a new fat burner / thermogenic to their lineup in 2023 in 212 Thermo. 212 Thermo will be the brand’s first powdered fat burner. It will join Fryed and Double Time as the brand’s catalog of fat burners.

The new 212 Thermo will be available in Passion Melon Punch and Sweet Heat Spicy Mango. They are 30-serving units.

Axe & Sledge 212 Thermo Supplement Facts Panel

Many times brands create a powdered version of something so they can make dosages larger and because there is a large portion of our population that cannot swallow pills. 212 Thermo from Axe & Sledge uses several branded ingredients to complete their formula.

Axe & Sledge 212 ThermoThe formula start with 1,500mg N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl. ALCAR is one of the most effective versions of L-Carnitine. It can cross the blood brain barrier so it has cognitive benefits, but it also helps transport fatty acids to be burned as fuel. It could lead to fat loss. Another version of Carnitine, L-Carnitine Tartrate is dosed at 500mg giving users a total of 2,000mg Carnitine.

L-Tyrosine is used at 1,000mg. Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid that can help with cognition and focus. One of the biggest things on a cut or a diet is the lack of focus which can lead to “busy eating.” Address cognition can be beneficial in a fat burner. 

Caffeine is dosed at 300mg. This is the typical dosage we see in fat burners who utilize stimulants.

InnoSlim, a patent ingredient from Nuliv Science, is dosed at 250mg. InnoSlim studies has shown it can reduce glucose absorption in the intestines and increase glucose absorption in the muscle and fat cells; increase adiponectin levels (which increases AMPK levels for AMPK fat loss) and reduce insulin resistance. The results are healthy weight loss by reduced excess glucose absorption, appetite suppression and increased fat burning. The 250mg dosage is the clinically accepted dosage. 

Theobromine, a metabolite of caffeine, is dosed at 100mg. This can help increase thermogenesis and fat loss.

GBB is dosed at 40mg. GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine Hydrochloride) converts L-Carnitine in the body. This will do several things. First you will sweat more with increased thermogenesis. You will also move more fatty acids to be burned for fuel, which may lead to fat loss.

Another branded ingredient, CaloriBurn from NNB Nutrition, is dosed at 40mg. CaloriBurn is a branded version of Grains of Paradise. This has been shown to increase body temperature. In studies, CaloriBurn increased users metabolic rate significantly and burned 5x the amount of calories over 2-hours versus a non-user group.

Bitter Orange Extract, standardized to 6% Synephrine, is dosed at 40mg. This can increase body temperature and lead to potential fat loss. 

The last ingredient is BioPerine, a black pepper extract that aids in absorption.

The new 212 Thermo uses two key branded ingredients combined with other impactful ingredients that may help improve fat loss.

Axe & Sledge’s 212 Thermo will launch on Monday, January 9th at 8pm ET.

Final Takeaway

I like the fact that Axe & Sledge has finally given us a powdered fat burner. I like these as a pre-workout. I am not the biggest fan of capsule based fat burners but I get why they exist. These flavors are interesting. We see more and more brands do a "heat" flavor with the addition of grains of paradise. Check out our Instagram for when we get this for a flavor review. 

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