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New Glaxon Multivitamin May Boost Mood & Metabolism

Glaxon Multivitamin

Glaxon may be the most science first brand in all of sports nutrition. The brand has unique marketing and labels, but the people behind the formulations really “nerd” out and want to bring something new and innovative to the market. Glaxon has announced a reformulation of their multivitamin. One may think this may only include new version of fat or water soluble vitamins and minerals, but the brand put their twist on the new multivitamin including ingredients that boost mood and metabolism.

Glaxon Multivitamin

Glaxon Multivitamin SFPThe purpose of a multi-vitamin is to be taken daily to aid in deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals. Due to today’s diets and lack of nutritional content in foods, most people need to supplement with a multivitamin. Glaxon’s new multivitamin (reformulated) includes the essentials but also includes ingredients that can boost metabolism and mood.

The formula when it comes to the vitamins and minerals are essentially the exact same as the previous version. Where the formula changes in what the brand puts in as a value add component of the multivitamin.

The previous version included Lutein for eye health, the brand’s trademarked Super Shroom complex for immunity and endurance, Lipidox™, the brand’s own trademarked ingredient for increasing bioavailability, and Zeaxanthin for eye health. The updated multivitamin has dropped those ingredients for a focus more on metabolism and mood.

Glaxon has added in 250mg of MitoBurn. MitoBurn is L-BAIBA, which the muscles produce during exercise. L-BAIBA helps regulate metabolism, increase energy expenditure, manage fuel selection, and more. Essentially, supplementing with L-BAIBA can increase metabolism and total daily energy expendature.

Glaxon also added in 100mg of SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine Disulfate Tosylate). SAMe has been shown to help improve mood in those who suffer from depression. At least 40 studies in people have evaluated SAMe for depression, and many of them showed evidence of beneficial effects. However, most of these trials lasted only a few weeks, included a small number of participants, and were not of the highest scientific quality. Also, some studies used injected SAMe rather than an oral form (taken by mouth). Many researches believe SAMe can aid with depression and mood elevation. 

Glaxon changed courses on formulation of the daily multivitamin in attempt to address two issues affecting many people today: obesity and depression. There is no guarantee the use of this daily multivitamin will cure or correct either of these issues, but research has shown that both MitoBurn and SAMe may impact metabolism rate and mood.

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Final Takeaway

I love the pivot on the formulation. Eye health, albeit very important, doesn't speak to people like metabolic rate and mood elevation. Although there is no conclusive evidence that this formula may help with weight loss or depression, it is including certain ingredients that takes an attempt to help out in both categories. 

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