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MuscleSport Releases New Carnishred + MitoBurn Liquid

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MuscleSport keeps rolling strong in 2023 with the addition of  Carnishred + MitoBurn. MuscleSport has had themselves a big year of releases adding Carnishred + MitroBurn to that list.  

MuscleSport's Carnishred + MitoBurn is available in three flavors: Big City Apple, Northern Lights, and Rainbow Candy.

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Carnishred + MitoBurn Supplement Facts:

L-Carnitine (Base) – 2,000mg

L-Carnitine a commonly used ingredient in fat burners or thermogenic products is a no brainers use. A use of a base L-Carnitine ingredient has been found to help increase fat metabolism to help convert fat into cellular energy without the use of stimulants. With the increase of cellular energy, you will find an increase of performance output and heightened recovery. In most studies it has been shown the use of 2,000 – 3,000 mg of L-Carnitine a day by adults has been effective. MuscleSport delivers with just that at 2,000 mg per serving.

MitoBurn® – 250mg

MitoBurn by NNB Nutrition, otherwise known as a patented form of L-BAIBA is very unique ingredient with several benefits to athletes and the casual exercise enthusiast. L-BAIBA a metabolite of the amino acid L-Valine is triggered by the PGC-1α protein during vigorous and intense exercise, it has been shown to help increase energy expenditure and regulate metabolism.  BAIBA in studies has been show in correlation with initiating the “browning” of white adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue has been shown to help increase energy, improve insulin sensitivity, and help with weight management. With the inclusion of MitoBurn, MuscleSport wants you to get the most out of your workout whether it is performance based or an increase in calorie burn off. MitoBurn can be take 1-2 times daily at dosages between 250mg-500mg, MuscleSport gives us the perfect dosing at 250mg. 

GBB-EEC (Gamma Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCL) – 15 mg

Gamma-Butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl is a very unique and highly effective ingredients alot of companies will put in their fat burning or metabolism products. Known as GBB, this ingredient in the body will be converted over to carnitine, as mentioned above with play a big role in metabolism boosting, increased performance, and even improved mental cognition. Now why did they put this ingredient in here when they already have carnitine in this formula? Working well with the inclusion of carnitine, GBB can nearly double the body’s carnitine levels. A suggested dosing will range between 25mg-50mg per day, MuscleSport gives us 15mg dosing per serving.

CaloriBurn (6-Paradol) – 5mg

MuscleSport has added CaloriBurn, another inclusion of a patented ingredient, Grains of Paradise from NNB Nutrition. CaloriBurn has been shown to help increase energy expenditure and help potentially improve body composition in users. Working very well with the rest of the Carnishred + MitoBurn formula, CaloriBurn is another ingredient that has been shown to help activate BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue). BAT is a unique fat cell that plays a role in thermogenesis and being metabolically active compared to White Adipose Tissue that will store calories instead. With the studied 40mg usage of a Grains of Paradise extract, it has been shown to help burn off 5x the number of calories. With the studied trials being dosed at 40mg, MuscleSport gives a 5mg dose per serving as it will work in conjunction with other ingredients in the formula compared to a single ingredient usage in the clinical trials.

CapsiAtra (Dihydrocapsiate) – 1.5mg

An ingredient found in chili peppers, CapsiAtra a patented form of capsinoids have been found to be very beneficial to help increase energy expenditure, metabolism, and help improve body composition. Having thermogenic properties with less pungency than normal capsaicin’s, CapsiAtra has been found to help increase our Resting Energy Expenditure (REE).  With increasing our resting calorie burn off, CarniShred + MitoBurn will not only help increase the calorie burn off throughout our exercise, but also when we are finished our normal calorie burn off will still be increased. The recommended dosing of CapsiAtra is dependent on the user’s weight, MuscleSport gives us a 1.5mg dosing.

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Final Takeaway

This formula is very intriguing to me, I love the concept of a non-stimulant calorie burn off as I already take in enough caffeine throughout the day anyways. To help aid in increasing calorie burn off, improve performance, and body composition. CarniShred + MitoBurn will be a great complement product to a pre-workout before training or even by itself before fasted cardio in the morning. I'm sure some of you are wondering taste wise how will it be for being a liquid thermogenic, personally I can say I'm not worried about it. Jason and the team over at MuscleSport ALWAYS kill the flavoring game and just remember, I'm sure we've all taken shots of alcohol that have tasted terrible with no health benefit. 

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