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Glaxon Launches Alpha 365 and Flight V3

Glaxon Alpha 365 & Flight

Flight Regenerate and Alpha 365 are longstanding products in the Glaxon lineup. Well, as is always the case with Glaxon, they have officially launched their 3rd iterations of Alpha 365 and Flight Regenerate. 

Alpha 365 is a natural testosterone booster, that can help with mood, estrogen support, anti-catabolism, and libido. Flight Regenerate Is a natural anabolic that helps with muscle building and recovery. To view the entire breakdown of the formulas, click here.

They are both live on the Glaxon website, and it you are still on the fence, be sure to stay tuned for an article going over the changes to the updated formulas here on FI soon!

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Final Takeaway

Since I'm the natty of our little family here on FI, I have to say that I actually enjoy Alpha 365. I am usually against resorting to natural testosterone boosters, but after trying Alpha 365, I can say there were some noticeable effects in the old versions, so this new one should work well.

Not only have I noticed great recovery from Flight Regenerate as well, but I also know it stacks well with Anomaly. The combo of Alpha 365, Flight, and Anomaly will certainly be a big hit, kind of like how D-Pol, Animal Stay, and PES Erase was back in the early 2010s. Well worth trying! 

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