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Glaxon Updates Formulas For Alpha 365 and Flight V3

FIt Butters
Glaxon Alpha 365 & Flight

Glaxon once told us that every product they launch is just another beta formula to a new formula. After their V2 series killed it, we are now onto their V3 series. Each time they reformulate, even if they use ingredients we have never heard of, they simply work better each time. Well now we have another exciting launch from Glaxon, this time their new Alpha 365 and Flight. 

Glaxon Flight Formula

Flight is one of the more unique products from Glaxon, although all of their products are. While most of the ingredients in Flight have stayed the same, the biggest addition to Flight is the CyanthoOx. This comes in at 500mg, and provides 30% Proanthocyanidins. There is less Bovine extract and less Lipodox.

Flight is one of the unsung heroes from Glaxon, and it helps you recover and build muscle through multiple pathways, and many take it before bed to help with recovery. 

Glaxon Alpha 365 Formula

As for Alpha 365, it is a natural testosterone booster, and we have to admit it works much better than many other products you find on the market. While many brands simply throw KSM-66, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus in a blend and sell it, Glaxon has a wide range of ingredients all meant to work together to help with optimizing testosterone, estrogen, libido, and mood. 

It has a long list of ingredients, but some changes that we noticed was the addition of Pregnenolone as well as Ursolic Acid LEO-HB. Pregnenolone is what’s known as a “neurosteroid”, and we have seen this pop up in some hormonal products, as well as a pre-workout. 

Glaxon also decided to get rid of the Ashwagandha, which we don’t see as a big deal. Ashwagandha is in so many products these days you almost have to avoid it! 

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Final Takeaway

While we are known for not promoting muscle builders or natural testosterone boosters... if there is one brand out there that we can trust to make something that'll most likely give you noticeable effects... it's Glaxon. We have these on the way and can't wait to try them out ourselves. Nothing too crazy with the changes that we can tell, however we know they will be noticeable.

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