Herbalife Being Sued for $1 Billion in Damages

By August 22, 2018 January 9th, 2019 203 Comments
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Herbalife Sued for $1 Billion
[vc_column_text]It was only a matter of time until Herbalife found itself back in the news. I don’t think anyone is shocked to hear that Herbalife is being sued…again, but this time for $1 billion in a Miami courtroom.

Distributors, the people who Herbalife sells to and then they sell to you, are suing the company for $1 billion in damages due to false promises of getting rich if they followed their business model. This comes after two previous lawsuits, $17.5 million in 2016 and $200 million in 2016. Over 100,000 plaintiffs could partake in this lawsuit, making it one of the largest ever against a Multi-Level Marketing company.

Los Angeles-based Herbalife, a publicly traded company with 2017 net sales of $4.4 billion, has long been embroiled in litigation and regulatory actions over its business practices, which have been compared by some to a pyramid scheme. A spokeswoman declined to comment for this story, although Herbalife attorneys are seeking to get the lawsuit dismissed or moved from Florida to a California court.

In the 2016 lawsuit brought on by the Federal Trade Commission, the agency said in a statement that “only a small minority of distributors have made anything near what the company promises” through promotional materials showing how they lived in expensive homes, drove luxury cars and took exotic vacations.

“A large majority of distributors made little or no money and a substantial percentage lost money,” the FTC said.

This is the center point of this new $1 billion lawsuit against Herbalife. Plaintiffs Patricia and Jeff Rodgers said, “We did everything they told us to do. We attended every event. We traveled and we spent money. And we didn’t get successful like they said we would,” Rodgers said in an interview at the couple’s home in Hallandale Beach, Florida. “You get involved in it, it’s almost like a cult mentality.”

The trial is set for September 2019 if this case isn’t dismissed or settled out-of-court before then.

Fitness Informant’s POV:  There are many facets of Herbalife and other multi-level marketing companies we can look at. The main thing we look at here at FI is the quality of these product. They are trash. Simple as that. Why? When you have to pay upward commissions through their recruitment structure, you have to sacrifice product quality to make it for little to nothing and sell it for a bunch to be able to pay the “distributors” and “coaches.”

The plaintiff mention’s it is like a cult-mentality. That’s because they are a cult. Many of the people who “sell” these product know NOTHING about supplementation. A company spokesperson or friend says, “take this, it will help with that,” and the belief system begins. The products are under dosed and are detrimental to your health.

With that said, these lawsuits make me laugh. You, as a “distributor,” are knowingly getting involved in something. Just because someone “promises” you riches, doesn’t mean you should believe it. I do think that the plaintiffs will win, but I wish as a society we would smarten up.

This is what we are here for. We help answer these questions and set the record straight. MLMs sell HOT GARBAGE for products. We will be doing a whole article on MLMs here at FI to help educate you all.

For the record, here is a list of popular MLM companies selling supplements…BEWARE:

  • Herbalife
  • Shakeology
  • AdvoCare
  • Isagenix
  • Thrive
  • Level

If you need tested and honest supplement reviews of pre workouts, whey protein powder, BCAAs, protein bars, pump supps, fat burners, and more – go to our no B.S. supplement reviews section.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  • Amber Marie Sunshine says:

    what are your thoughts on Isagenix? The research I did looks like it is one of the better ones for nutrition.

    • fitnessinfo says:

      Hi Amber-

      I emailed you about this, but I wanted my response public for all others to see. Their company is structured the same way as other MLMs, which means that the product quality suffers, therefore the products are of poor quality and can be detrimental to your health. Thanks for reaching out!


        Isagenix is different. The person that helps you get started helps you set up your own private account. You order what you need when you need it. There is no pantry at your sponsors that is full waiting to be sold.

        You do not have to sell isagenix to use their products.

        Training and podcasts are provided for education. Doctors and nutritionists on staff can answer your questions

        • fitnessinfo says:

          Isagenix is not much different. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but we just broke down their AMPED Power product…one of the worst I have ever seen, and it’s at a price tag that is CRAZY. I can make the same formula at home for less than $1. That’s the truth.

          As someone who has their Masters in Business (MBA), I hate the MLM business model – I think it is criminal. As a member of the fitness community and an enthusiast for the better part of 12 years (along with being in the industry and a CPT) I cannot stand low quality, under dosed products being sold at prices that rip people off.

        • Steve says:

          Yeh Stephanie, exactly the same as Herbalife and the rest, you get your own account and can buy what you want, there’s no pantry full of stuff anyway either and you do not have to sell Herbalife to use the products, and Herbalife also has doctors and scientists backing them. Same, Same for all of the MLM companies.

        • Again just like any other business. Herbalife is the same, you do not have to sale to use the product. It is a choice. I think people don’t realize it is a choice and a blessing that Herbalife allows Store fronts and you are a business, which requires a lot of work and hustle, and makes you more presence to your customers, and you as a distributor you need to follow thru with your promise, not blame Herbalife or any other Company for your failure. I do Free networking meeting for small Business because I know how hard it is to have a business, and it take a lot of hustling, Hard work and support from your family and friends.
          So please do not use this to advertise your business because Herbalife is a Great Company, as it sounds like you feel the same as yours. but Please we only want to hear from Herbalife People and support. Thank you

      • josh says:

        amway is the same

        • Amway makes all their money on MLMs

        • Jaclyn says:

          That one you should look closer at. They own, make and manufacture all products with crazy quality standards. Own all farming and surrounding farming to ensure organic farming standards and can zone but like a square foot where components were planted to ensure quality. Plant to concenrate. They’d be more like the gold standard, ever since consumer labs started testing like a decade ago, they’ve been among the first to have what was on the label actually be in the supplement. *i’m not a distributor, just know the company

          • I don’t care if it’s the gold standard, they source their own, etc, that’s not the issue. The issue is not getting enough of each of these “gold standard” ingredients. You can give your wife a blood diamond for her wedding, say .1 karat, but if she needs 1 karat to make her happy, you failed. Same here

      • Iralis Diaz says:

        Ofcourse a nutritional company like yours would trash others, to hype up your own products. Tashing other companies for your benefit is tacky and bad business. I am an Herbalife distributor and a nurse in Family medicine for 12 years. The products are the best nutrition on the market. Those that are suying the company and lazy and were not in it to actually help improve others health, just their pockets. Afriend of mine does Isogenix, great products too. It sad that you see building as breaking others down. sad reality

        • Oh. My. God. Family medicine, but you cannot spell correctly? Best in the world? Jesus…

          Also, if you knew what you were talking about, you’d know we’re not a nutritional company. We do not make products. We do not sell products. This person here, y’all, exemplifies what’s wrong with these companies. They never do their own research.

      • Sarah says:

        So what is your take on Thrive?

    • Tim Seifert says:

      Amber Marie Sunshine,

      Isagenix is NOT structured like other Multilevel Marketing company, like HerbaLife or Mary Kay. You only buy the product you will use personally. You are not required or expected to buy in bulk to resell to “your customers.” I’m happy to talk and point to you a bunch of legitimate scientific research on the subject.

      • fitnessinfo says:

        Tim, I am more-so concerned with product quality. Isagenix has terrible product quality. You may use ingredients that are proven – but you don’t use them at the dosages in which they are intended to be used. I did a full breakdown of AMPED Power, a pre-workout. It is one of the worst pre-workouts ever made, and you have the audacity to charge over $40 for it. I literally can make this product at home for less than $1 for ALL 20-servings. The actives in this product are 6g…you would need 12.5g of the ingredients listed to be dosed where you should be. The fact that there are only 6g in a PROP BLEND and the entire serving size is 14g means you have 8g in fillers aka sweeteners and colors. Gross. That’s where the “reps” need to do their own homework. Anyone on their science and med board will tell you what they want you to believe because THEY ARE ON THE PAYROLL!

      • Shane says:

        That’s exactly the way Herbalife is structured. You don’t have to sign up to buy product, and you’re never required to purchase in bulk for resale. Ever.
        Not to mention we have some of the top doctors in the world, including A scientist that won a nobel prize for his findings in Nitric Oxide. ?

    • Alwin says:

      I have noticed this before ..this kind of product. But I didn’t grab directly because, in my own, I will observe what was the comments of anybody when they are taking this. I didn’t mind to become late in the success or being a part of the successful entrepreneur.

      So then there are another MLMs’ that are based in The Philippines (well, I’ve just tried again and hopefully this will succeed. An A.I.M Global or Alliance In Motion Global).

      I don’t understand how people do not like to work. This Business is like any other self employee business. You have to hustle and work hard. I am a single Mom, and been doing the business, and everyone knows how much I hustle. Herbalife doesn’t make promise to anyone but they give you hope, they just give everyone a chance to open their own business and have the American Dream They give us the tools and it up to us how to use them. I am so Blessed to have a Great customer in my community who see my work I put into my Business, I couldn’t Thank you enough. In this business you have to Love what you are doing and care about people first and everything will follow. Once you want to be a Millionaire and loose your focus, people see it and you loose your customers and Trust. If this is not for you, move on, but do not try to put a company out of business that works. If you notice Herbalife doesn’t get sue because of the product it is because the laziness of being wanting quick money.

      • But it’s really not a great product. Not even close. The products are under dosed and over priced. The shakes y’all push and say are better than whole foods start with soy and fructose… Any bit of research would tell you to stay away.

  • Jennie Smith says:

    Curious about your thoughts on Pruvit-ketones supplements? Didn’t see it on your MLM list to be aware of. Thanks!

    • fitnessinfo says:

      Hi Jeanie-

      I emailed you directly on your question. Any MLM company in this space MUST produce their products cheaply (which means low quality) to be able to provide the hope and dream of becoming rich to their network of marketers. This is nothing new. Herbalife is the largest, but other companies setup very similar are the same way. Please beware.

    • Michael Triffitt says:

      Yes and Juice Plus
      Juice plus need to get sued and reimburse all the people I know who got sucked in
      And also
      Mum’s being awesome
      That’s also juice plus

  • Lays says:

    I think that it’s unfair to say that the product is rubbish. I’m not a distributor because I don’t believe in the business but the products did help me lose 8kg. The ‘team’ that I was with were very hardworking in terms of organising exercises and helping you with clean eating. I think this is only in the States maybe. Where I am, they don’t promise you riches or instant success. They motivate you and teach you how to look at your weight. Might just be the group I think.

    • fitnessinfo says:


      It is not unfair. I have years of research in this industry when it comes to the chemical compounds used in supplements. I know what the ingredients do, what they should be dosed at and how they should be consumed. The Herbalife product is “rubish” as you’d put. They use the lowest quality of ingredients, under dose others and promote a false sense of health when their products CANNOT contribute to a better way of life. Also, NEVER NEVER NEVER replace a meal with a shake. That’s just some dumb shit.

      Regarding your comment on how it helped you lose weight. If you solely rely on shakes or you consume them instead of whole food, sure you will lose weight, but it is as UNHEALTHY as you can get. It’s a terrible company for the fact that they allow these products to be consumed by the population. IF they truly cared about your health, they would make high quality products. SPOILER: They don’t.

      • Tim Seifert says:

        I’d love to see your years of research. Please send me copies of your research.

      • Irma says:

        Firstly you don’t have to sell herbalife to use the products. And please explain how you lose money doing Herbalife business, when you don’t have to ever invest??? In my opinion,people should take responsibility for decisions they made, period!!!
        Ps. And don’t be sending me any emails, only entered my email to submit the comment.
        NB. And no, I an by no means “rich” by doing Herbalife, a normal stay at home mom with a husband who works hard (has a J.O.B)to support his family.

  • Mike says:

    I appreciate the info and agree with most of this but I’m also weary of blanket statements. I tried Isagenix from a family member that was part of their MLM program. It was a disaster and a mistake. But are you proposing that all MLM companies are bad? Are you frustrated by companies selling a crap product, stirring up misinformation, loss of business, or something else?

    • fitnessinfo says:

      I am not proposing anything, I am TELLING you that MLMs in this space ALL offer bad products. Why? It’s the structure of the business model. The business is NOT sustainable without producing products cheaply and charging them at high prices. You cannot produce products/chemicals cheaply and get high quality. It is not possible. My issue is that I care about the health and wellness of people – all people. When I see junk like this put into the market and others who consume it, it saddens me because I know it’s not a healthy choice and it costs A LOT of money. We work too damn hard to just toss our money away on trash.

      I have been in this industry for years, studied white papers, and scientific journal entries. I know the uses of the ingredients. I know how they should be consumed. I know how much of each is needed. These companies simply do not supply quality at proper dosages.

      I also have a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree. I understand business, and the business model of a MLM is fundamentally flawed. They rely more on the recruitment of members more-so than on the sale of actual product. The revenue stream keeps running downstream as they say. BUT more-so I am concerned with MLMs in THIS space, because consumers are digesting CHEMICALS and it can GREATLY affect their health. My #1 priority isn’t greed, it’s the health and wellbeing of my people – all people.

      • Rob Adams says:

        Disclaimer: I am not a distributor for any of these products, but I am in MLM..

        Whilst this is before the courts I am uncomfortable discussing the points of their bad behaviour (perhaps laws in your country permit such things, but here its a no-no) so with that in mind I wish to address specifically your assertion that product quality is less than what it could be.

        For the sake of discussion lets us say your point is valid, then what is the solution?? Perhaps if the product was used in a more ‘Traditional’ manufacturing/distribution model, with multiple layers of redistributors (from national, to state, to regional etc..) all taking their cut of the profit margin before reaching the retailer, who then has to sell the product at a profit. Do you believe that this model would result in a better quality product?

        To my way of thinking a logistical chain that contains (say) 3 links before reaching the consumer has a far better chance of containing a better/higher quality product than a product that has up to a dozen links in its logistical chain before reaching the consumer, after all a less expensive and onerous logistical chain permits the profits that would normally be siphoned off by the chain to be diverted back into both product improvement and commission payments.

        • fitnessinfo says:

          I have an issue with the shitty products they are putting into the market. They tell others they are the best on earth when, in fact, they are some of the worst products ever made. That’s where I get upset. Hurting people, instead of helping them.

          • Paulo says:

            “Any company in which offers you a position to direct sell, and then find people to be on your “team” is structured like a MLM which means the product quality will suffer. Think about it…”

            above is your comment i found down below mr. butthurtinfo No, you get upset because your butt hurts. Why don’t you use your expertise and MBA to answer rob’s question and start a discussion to educate people.

          • That’s a very intelligent, adult way of conversing. Get out of here.

          • Rob Adams says:

            We don’t know each other from a bar of soap, so there is no reason for you to believe me, nor any for me to believe you, but to use terms like ‘shitty’ is incredibly low brow for someone who is trying to present a business.

            Are you saying that the Nutritional Information panels on the side of these products are misleading or false? If this is the case then it is your responsibility to report such a digression to the relevant government departments involved in consumer protections, I know in my country it would be considered a major infraction of consumer protection laws.

          • I’m not questioning the integrity of the product label. They can be 100% compliant and true, but they are under dosed. Think of it this way. Back in the day, to make a collect call, you’d need $.99. If you only had $.10 you couldn’t make that call. These products are the $.10 ingredient amounts when you really need the $.99.

    • Irma says:

      Misinformation surely and at the same time advertising his business!!!

  • Mario Lopez says:

    All you said is totally wrong, but i understand you need to sell your stuff, but it’s not smart to talk about something you don’t know about, smarten up.
    I’m and being part of Herbalife and use the Products for over 18 years and all your Fact are wrong.

    • fitnessinfo says:

      What part am I wrong about, exactly? The fact that the company is being sued…again? I mean, it’s a fact. The court case is in Miami-Dade Court Room. Here’s the AP News Story: The other facts are that this company mass produces products cheaply, that are of the lowest quality (I have spent years studying these chemicals, reading white papers, scientific journals, etc – what have you done?) to use normal every-day-people who are mis-informed or uneducated on CHEMICALS that these people are putting into their bodies. It’s a downward stream commission structure that has been sued multiple times and is one of the most shady businesses on the planet. Mario, you sir, need to smarten up.

    • Brie Lynn says:

      You’re simply a victim to the cult. My mother fell for this crap too. It didn’t make her any money, and it didn’t help her in any form. We have a business a few doors down from where my job is located called “Level Up Nutrition” that literally only sells Herbalife shakes. First off, they taste foul. Secondly, this is a man who is completely devoted to the product running this company. I decided to check it out. This man was literally trying to convince me to replace meals with these shakes. Anytime you starve yourself, you will lose weight and feel/appear “fit”, but that’s actually not the case. You are depriving your body of nutrients and calories that it needs. I never buy products with the MLM structure because I know deep down it’s all a huge scam that makes the people at the top millions, and screws over the people at the bottom. I mean think about it, my town literally has a business that a guy opened to sell this shit one shake at a time. It’s awful. I went in once out of curiosity and I would never go back because I am not replacing meals with shakes. Eat right, work out, find a solid pre-workout powder that is sold in fitness/health/supplement stores, and you will lose weight. Herbalife promotes starving yourself to make it appear that their product works. That’s the definition of a BS scam.

  • Taryn says:

    Interested on your thoughts around Youngevity and their supplement range.

  • Tonya says:

    What about Plexus that everyone is talking about? My daughter is a nurse and she says don’t use this stuff. I do know a friends daughter got very ill from it and it’s extremely expensive. Has anyone looked into this?

    • fitnessinfo says:

      A look at their “weight” loss products shows what I always see from these companies: proprietary blends with under dosed ingredients. The fact that they cannot list out how much of each ingredient you’re getting is a travesty to the consumer. We are putting chemicals into our body, we deserve the right to know. Also, any company who encourages meal replacement with a powder/shake….RUN AWAY.

  • Hector Medina says:

    I did herbalife last year for two or so months and let me tell you it was hell and I was MISERABLE. It is A CULT. The coaches are pushy and rude and you have to buy three damn products for one damn thing to work? F THAT.

    I now do exogenous ketones via Pruvit and ive been so mich better. Herbalife caused me to gain double the weight, where now with Ketone supplementation and better eating ive dropped weight to the point my skin is starting to sag/bunch up.

    I wish i could get my money back from Herbascam.

  • JLfitness says:

    I would love to educate you on this matter. Because clearly you have zero knowledge about Herbalife. Your butt hurt because MLMs are taking over in every market. Replacing meals with a shake is a very good idea for those people that don’t have time for macro counts. With herbalife you get better Quality then you do from Whole Foods. Maybe It’s a good idea for you to join and wise up to the number 1 Nutrition in the world. When a NSF stamp is on the side of herbalife24 canister. You know it’s the best and with the former CEO of GNC. Now running herbalife. Herbalife is the best and will be around forever.

    • fitnessinfo says:

      HAHA oh man…a Kool Aid drinker.

      “Replacing meals with a shake is a very good idea…” are you serious?! This goes against everything our bodies know. NEVER EVER EVER EVER REPLACE WHOLE FOODS WITH A SHAKE. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever read. If that’s what they teach you…they should be slapped in their face. “you get better quality than you do with Whole Foods,” dude…wow. Get this bullshit off my page and out of this world.


      PS NSF doesn’t mean shit. Do your homework.

      • Steve says:

        Wow is this the way you talk to everyone, what a model citizen, all you do is bag the crap out of everything, claiming you’ve done years of research on this and that, and then anyone that says something you don’t like, you talk to them like shit. Wow, just wow, you must be so proud of yourself.

      • Kathy says:

        lol, wow. So, you’re trying to raise awareness about companies that produce “shitty” products. But your attitude towards the whole situation is shitty itself. The allegations of “its bad for your body” haven’t been proven just like you argue that it hasn’t been proven to be good for you either. At the end of the day, fitness, health, and even business is not a “One Size Fits All”. Then again, we have to remember that this webpage is more of a blog than anything, so…. Good day to you sir.


    Isagenix safely sources all their ingredients. Because of their high standards, my son with anaphylactic food allergies, can use their products. What the label says is exactly what is in the package

    • fitnessinfo says:

      Safely sourcing your ingredients is great. Never said that was bad. But when you under dosed said ingredients by A LOT and charge A LOT – that’s where I have a huge problem. Yes, they use some really good ingredients like Nitrosigine (look it up) from Nutrition 21. One of the best pump inducing ingredients out there. But when you under dose it by a ton it is not going to do any good. That’s the big problem with these companies and their reps. No one does their damn research.


    Okay….you are obviously out to sell something. Isagenix doesn’t fill its products with cheap ingredients, chemicals, etc. You don’t understand the research and information out there if you believe this. You are making blanket statements about mlm and not showing the differences.

    As a health care professional, nothing goes in my body unless I know where it comes from. I love Isagenix.

    • fitnessinfo says:

      Ahhh Stephanie…see below. Having high quality ingredients is one thing…having enough of them to make a different is another. We just did a deep dive into AMPED Power – your pre-workout. It is GARBAGE. Yes, they use proven ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate – the most studied and effective supplement on the planet – L-Citrulline Malate/L-Citrulline and Nitrosigine. Nitrosigine is amazing. The ISSUE is Isagenix UNDER DOSES THE SHIT OUT OF IT to make it as cheaply as possible. That’s where you people don’t do your research. The active ingredients in AMPED Power is 6g while the serving size is 14g. That 8g difference is coming in the form of sweeteners. Creatine needs to be dosed at 5g to be effective. Citrulline should be 6g. Nitrosigine needs to be 1.5g. When you add up WHAT is actually needed of these “high quality” ingredients you would need 12.5g – your product provides 6g. That’s the homework you all need to start doing. I can make AMPED Power at home, in my kitchen, for less than $1. That is a fact.

  • Anthony Hicks says:

    Can I jump on bored with suing them?

  • Catherine says:

    What are your thoughts about USANA?

  • Clayton Sparks says:

    What about the Tahitian Noni company

  • I love Shakeology! Built the Beachbody business to Diamond level made a good income and never ever promised riches. I built the Amway business to the Gold direct leadership level in the 90’s and their line of nutrition products and cosmetics are top notch and top 3 or better now in the world. Have you been to the fields they grow the crops in cali? Top notch and I live in Grand Rapids Mi. about 15 minutes from Amway. Not in any way a cult or a scam. Beachbody has transformed many lives ( in the millions) and ShakeO is the shake to replace 1 meal a day. A solid Network Marketing company teaches great business skills and allows an average person to become better and a solid Entrepreneur. Most jobs are the biggest scams going. I do agree some companies in this space put out garbage products but not all. They save millions and millions in advertising and what it takes to get a product on the shelf in a traditional distribution method that allows huge amounts of cash to be paid out to mlm reps that work. It is called NetWORK marketing for a reason you have to work. I dare say the reps crying scam never worked the business. Going to events is not working the business. Most will ask a famly member and get told NO the quit in a week and wonder why they don’t have a HUGE house and the Vette in the garage. 2 sides to every story and Herbalife is not going anywhere and I never used their products.

  • stefhi says:

    Can I know more about herbalife?

    • fitnessinfo says:

      Not from me you won’t. Sum it up in one word: TRASH.

      • Kim says:

        Damn you’re so close minded against herbalife. Most of those supps you’re selling are trash bro. You’re spreading info you don’t even know about misinformation about the networking plan. I’ve seen this stupid post on Facebook and im annoyed of it because it’s wrong those people failed because they thought they could make a fortune with going to clases nah you gotta work for what you want. Fucking delusional idiots! Y’all crack me up specially the dummy that wrote this ??

        • Considering I don’t sell supplements on this site… You really prove you do your research. You push SHITTY products on friends, families and neighbors. You should be ashamed of yourself. “We make these great shakes that are more nutritious than whole foods.” Get the fuck out of here. Your first ingredient is Soy and your second is Fructose. Why don’t you just sell shitty sugar water, because that’s what you’re doing. Go get educated about chemicals, then come back and talk to me. Until then, crawl back under your unsold boxes of Herbalife in your garage (soon to be your parents house when you lose all your money).

  • Richard Less says:

    I cant read any of the page due to a giant advertisement that takes up my entire screen. You are just as bad as any of the products you mentioned.

  • Sily says:

    Fitness info…so what product line do you recomendable that it’s not part of an MLM business model and that a high quality product?

    • fitnessinfo says:


      I don’t recommend any single brand. I think some brands are strong in some areas and weak in the others. If you would open up my cabinet to see my supplements, you would find a bunch of brands. I am not reliant on one because there is not a “best brand in the world” in this space. I have constructed different category guides on the website which layout what I think is the best per category.

  • Vinnie B says:

    What a joke…. It makes perfect sense that a Supplement Company would write an article bashing MLM’s who sell supplements.. Nice business strategy to bash all your competitors. Then you bash their products as well, while promoting how “great” yours are…Typical POS business practice.. You don’t like MLM’s? Fine don’t join one!!! But bashing their products to promote your own is cowardly and completely unprofessional.. Congrats for going that road…

    • Hey Vinnie, NEWS FLASH I’m not a supplement company. This really just shows everyone on this page that these “distributors” can’t even take the time to do the simplest of research. You think they’ll actually research these ingredients? Hell no.

  • Budd says:

    Would like your thoughts on Sisel International .Thank you

  • Brandon says:

    Hi! I’m a USANA product user, and i’ve read your comments. You seem like an expert on this and i would like to know your feedback on the products im taking. Before you say that they are all the same shitty products, can you please take some time to research and test if USANA’s supplements are low quality? I’m hoping for a “real research” and testing of whatever kind or approach, not just basing on the idea of it marketing its products through direct selling.

  • HC says:

    Hi…i want to hear your opinion about USANA.

  • tasha says:

    what about flattummyco ?

  • Amanda Houston says:

    Thoughts on shakeology?

  • Albert says:

    You cannot generalize the whole MLM industry just because you’re not convinced or satisfied with the products of some companies. I believe there were still a lot of companies who are compassionate to deliver quality products to the market.

  • Evelyn says:

    Why is everyone willing to overpay for products that cannot guarantee you the best ingredients? HMMMMMM, maybe all about the almighty dollar

  • Gabriel Mendoza says:

    How bout USANA? Any thoughts?

  • Michael Triffitt says:

    Please investigate
    Juice Plus
    It works
    And mum’s being awesome

  • Vanessa says:

    How do we get involved in the law suites?? We lived by it n with !! Of course we got nothing in every way!!

  • josh says:

    Amway is the same

  • Brett says:

    What about the company IT works ? Have you heard of them?

  • We are Usana advocates. And we provide nutritionals with high quality and value for your money.
    We are trusted by millions around the world, recommended by doctors and nutritionist, trusted also by elite athletes and olympians.
    you can check our website for more information.

  • Dar says:

    What do you know about Arbonne International?

  • KristinG says:

    I have had great difficulty finding a multivitamin. Any suggestions? I know that even though I eat whole foods most of the time, that I do not get everything that I need.

  • Huey says:

    What about TR90, the weight management program by Nu Skin which also mention their product is ‘all of the good, none of the bad’
    In the same time, all the product go through 6S quality control & is inside PDR, it is an MLM company but how can product like this has no quality?

    • When you go to their site, and the first thing they try to sell you is a 90 day package for $1300 you know right away to stay away. It’s a MLM in this space. You’re not going to find one of these companies dosing their products to the amount needed to be effective.

  • subbu says:

    dont use this product ..i use personally my self i effect gas problem and hair loss due usage of herbalife products .since 3years i am facing this issue

  • Rob says:

    Nice job FI, I always thought these MLM products were overrated.
    Thanks for informing the truth.

  • Reina says:

    To be quite honest, I too joined the Herbalife wagon.
    Desperate to lose weight that just wouldn’t shed no matter how much exercise and healthy eating i did. I did it for a few months. First started with two shakes a day, a protein bar or some oatmeal as a snack two times a day, and then a balanced meal. And then went down to one shake a day, my two snacks, and a balanced meal.
    I shed the weight i wanted, though I am not yet at my goal weight.
    At the time i thought Herbalife was great, but the constant constipation and lightheadedness that seemed to be with me was a constant reminder that i needed more of a balanced diet, like maybe a low carb/high protein diet. Now i try to keep my eating five to six times a day. Three meals and two to three snack and I love it! I have energy all day, I feel great about myself. I exercise regularly on a stationary bicycle though i know i should be doing more. I sleep great (7 to 8 hours)!
    And all this came from learning from my mistake with Herbalife.
    I have read all your comments FI, and a round of applause to you. This article was very informative since i was actually looking into going with ShakeO. But i think I have actually learned from my mistake this time and this article and all of your comments have helped me from repeating the same mistake.

    • Good for you! I’m sorry you had to go through this but you can speak to it better than anyone. The propaganda they preach at their events. No one takes the time to read there label and research the ingredients. That’s why I’m here.

  • Just Here for the Comments says:

    Curious what you all think of Plexus?

  • Emelojr says:

    Hi FI! So what’s your take if the company’s product isn’t “trash”? But distirbutes the in tge same manner, MLM, like USANA?

  • Heather says:

    You are so crabby???
    Which is weird
    Heath brings happiness
    Without the bully
    And your message would be better received

  • CM Memoirs says:

    Personally think that Network marketing model is being abused with terrible companies. The product price is supposed to be reasonable, as they have saved cost by directly selling from manufacturers to customers, no advertisement, no superstar featured, and no retail shop. Consumers = netwokers.
    Of course there is a markup price for every product, else how supplier or manufacturer is going to gain profit =) same goes to products which are using the model of affiliate marketing. The payment for affiliate marketers are included in the product price I supposed.
    If I produce a quality product with the cost of 5 dollars and sell it at a price of 15 dollars, not 59.99 dollars, will you still think that it is a scam? Yet, some might still say, “Nah, I doubt at the quality. Let’s use the one that Justin Bieber has used”. This is about antoher thing: packaging and branding – which cost money so the product price is even higher. All of these are Without a reasonable markup price, for example, dropshipping business, no point to sell anything.
    Just my thoughts.
    I’m not a MBA. I’m just a consumer.

    • I’m not calling anything a scam. My job is to look at the product honestly, holistically and unbias. When I look at these products I see crazy high price tags for cheap ingredients that are very under dosed.

  • Samantha Byrd says:

    What about Melaleuca’s sport nutrition range? Any thoughts?

  • Dennis Hernandez says:

    What can you say about Frontrow?

  • ZARAH NAUMUL says:

    i totally agree with you. And am enjoying reading the comments section as well. Ppl just won’t learn. 🙁

  • Annalène says:

    What is your take on Nutrilite Sports products?

  • Fermin June Alegro III says:

    Can you also look at Frontrow?

  • Anneline Peters says:

    I read every comment and every reply here. Well done on TRYING to talk some sense into people. I do not but products from MLM’s. As you, I believe it trash and a scam.
    There is no miracle pill or shake, let’s get off our butts and do the hard yards. Simple as that

  • El says:

    What I would love to know is how much money you make from the bullshit supplements you are pushing on your website from using your code?
    Sounds like the same kind of crap to me…

    • A couple things we’ll address here:

      1) Bullshit supplements I push. I don’t “push” anything, only give full, in depth honest reviews on over 200 different brands. Would LOVE for you to explain what you mean by “bullshit” – what constitutes that? I guarantee you have no clue.

      2) We make VERY little from anything on the suree. Not even enough to pay the hosting fees. Difference is we don’t drink the koolaid of one brand because there isn’t one grand enough that does everything right. Unlike you seem to think. Do your homework before you open your mouth, at least then you won’t sound like you have no clue.

  • Danielle P. says:

    My biggest problem with taking your article seriously is at the end of it you too are ultimately trying to sell me something by discrediting something else.

  • stacie says:

    what about Level? how’s their product?

      • Sylvia says:

        Just a little info-Thrive is Le-Vel. I am not with them anymore. It has actually weakened the adrenals for many. While it was life changing for me at the beginning it didn’t last. Have you heard of NewULife yet? The Gel? Been around for 14yrs, FDA Registered for 7yrs now offered in an mlm binary platform which I know you have issue with but this product stimulates your bodies ability to produce its own HGH which we slowly stop producing as we age. I would seriously love your take on this product. Here’s info without my link so you don’t think I’m trying to sell this to you! Lol. Thanks!

        • Hey! The IGF and HGH that works best from studies would be via injection vs a cream or gel. With that said, I don’t know nearly enough about HGH boosting products since most require a prescription. I would not trust an OTC version from IGF-1 products out there. I would look to use something like Sermorelin to boost HGH levels.

  • Herbie says:

    Do you break down the quality of supplements? I would like to know your opinion on Jym Supplement Science, specifically the Pre-Jym.

    • Jym has a series of fine supplements. His pre is good. I do prefer NutraBio Pre (you can find info on it here) as it’s dosed slightly better, but nonetheless, Jym is decent.

      • Herbie says:

        Thank for the response. I switched to NutraBio’s protein over Jym’s Protein. I feel that NutraBio makes a much better protein and I have been thinking about taking their Pre, so thank you for the suggestion.

        I had a conversation with an Isagenix sheep and he was trying to tell me their Amp is better then Jym Pre, I just had to laugh.

        • That’s the funniest shit I’ve ever heard. Wow. That just goes to show they have no clue. You can’t go wrong with NutraBio. Classy company, quality dosages and full transparency. As you know.

          • Herbie says:

            Reading through your website, I think I’m going to give NutraBio’s pre a go. I have been taking Pre Jym for over a 1.5 years so a change is good. Great content and to all of the people that say you’re trying to just promote certain supps, they are scared to be educated.

          • Thanks buddy, that means a lot. You’ll like it. Pre Extreme if solid too if you need a little extra. Pre Kaged is another good one too. Ultimately it comes down to what you want from a pre. I’m here if you need anything.

          • Herbie says:

            Thank you! I have taking Pres where it feels like my face is numb and pins in my arms. I’m not looking for that. I am a 5am lifter so I want the energy (caffeine), focus, pump, BCAA and creatine all in one drink.

          • Herbie says:

            My last question and I will stop bugging yeah. What is your opinion of Alpha Jym compared to Kaged Muscles’s OTC Test booster?

          • I have never used Jyms product. Ferodrox we did and there’s a full review here. Really good ingredients used based on science, at those doses. I would urge you to go get blood work done before using a test booster. It’s an overrated category since most people don’t actually need one, and they don’t take your test levels to a crazy anabolic state – that would be steroids. Haha

      • Herbie says:

        Thank you for all of the info!

  • Dylan says:

    I love reading this comment section. Legions of mlmers spamming the same few arguments/bait questions over and over trying to wear you down, and here you are effortly swatting them down like flies.

  • Ginger says:

    Can you also include 1st Phorm… that is by far the most annoying mlm scheme I always see on IG.

    • 1st Phorm isn’t a MLM but they use an affiliate program. You have to qualify by having a following online. There’s no package you have to buy or recruit anyone.

      With that said, their Legion of Boom can be a bit brainwashed too. Most of them are sucked into Andy’s message (he’s a great speaker) and love the sense of community. This all sounds very similar to a MLM huh? Their products are better quality than these MLMs but they still are under dosed on many of them. I have brought up this debate to the industry too. Andy essentially took the mlm structure but did it via affiliate program with coupon codes so only the affiliate gets paid. There’s no upstream commissions, this the product doesn’t suffer as much. Does that make sense?

  • mark says:

    Hey there,

    Recently, i was approached by a ‘recruiter’ that works for a company named USANA, a company that offers various nutritional products and claimed to also provide supplements to professional athletes, quite similar to Herbalife. I went to their conventions/meetings/talks and surprised to see that many of the recruited members were mostly young students (20 above), i am guessing they were all in colleges. Throughout the outings i have been with them, i noticed that most of them were dressed up really formally, wore branded apparels etc. I assumed that most of them were doing pretty good with the sales. A few of them even managed to start up their own small businesses.

    One of the senior recruiters told me that in order to be officially included in the ‘team’, you first have to purchase a package and then goes to tell me how they earn money through direct selling and why their method is different from most of the mlm companies. I declined the offer however, i still got to meet up with them for meetings, socialising with other members and this went on for a solid 2 months. But slowly we lost contact and eventually stopped contacting. After reading your article, i remembered my encounter with a case like this that involves mlm companies so decided to drop a comment. I am curious if you have ever heard of this company before and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

    There was a period of time where i actually wanted to join the ‘team’, but after doing some readings online, i was left with a 50/50 decision. Eventually i decided not to because i had a feeling that it will go downhill. Fast forward to now, some of the members (new recruited ones when i first saw them) were shown travelling to other countries, purchasing a new car, and even opening a business and here i am thinking to myself, maybe if i had said yes, things would have been a little bit different (in a good way). Hmmmm

    sorry for the long comment 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment. What you described to be “on the team” is essentially the pyramid aspect of these companies. You should never have to buy a package to be on the team. Hell, they should give you stuff. Less than 4% of people make real money in these companies and it’s only because they’re at the “top” of the structure. It’s not hard to convince people to buy a product especially when they’re your friends. They feel bad and do it, and when promised riches they jump. The fact remains that these are GARBAGE products. That’s the whole purpose of this conversation. If you’re all about taking advantage of the misinformed to make money, then you have to live with that. I refuse to cheat anyone.

  • Kaewta Hattingh says:

    Do you know anything about Unicity products and MLM marketing plan? all products made in USA.

    • It’s essentially the same thing. A distributor sells you the products. Products will suffer. I would never buy into one brand from a neighbor or friend. GNC/Vitamin Shoppe isn’t always the best either, but typically carry a wide array of products. I’m always here as a resource too. I don’t make or sell any products by the way. I am a third party unbias supplement expert who reviews supplements by breaking down each ingredient, their dosage and whether or not their intended purpose is going to be achieved. All the best!

  • Alicia says:

    Just read this. The main problem that I have with this article is the fact that you’re making bold claims, yet you are not starting any sources whatsoever. You are claiming that you were a business expert and that you know all about MLM and their supplements and the quality of the supplements, yet you were not providing any proof of your expertise in any area. I tried reading the comments, but they are full of distributors and your replies to them are very unprofessional and completely biased, though you claim your unbiased. I noticed somebody called you out on your bias, saying that no matter how hard we try we have a natural tendency for bias. It is in our nature. Your response was to deny such a thing. You are biased. And that’s OK, we all have a bias. What I do not think is OK, is that you provided no proof of your claims about MLM companies. Cite a source outside of your website with complete science behind it, or stop making claims. And please do not bother emailing me, you need to post the sources for all to see, or else you’re nothing more than just a distributor for your own MLM.

    • There’s no bias when you investigate a crappy dosed supplement. It’s called RESEARCH. I don’t need to cite a source that Fructose is sugar. That’s common knowledge. It’s also the second ingredient on their shakes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My sources are ME. You spend YEARS testing different ingredients, reading scientific research papers, journals, whitepaper, etc to obtain the nutrition knowledge when it comes to sports supplementation. Am I supposed to post a photo of my MBA degree? Should I go back to my graduate course professors and cite them? The fact is, any basic search on some of the ingredients from reputable hospitals like Mayo and others will tell you proper dosages of key ingredients. I’m the source of information. My expertise comes from what I stated before. How about this, I’ll literally take the Herbalife 24 Series Pre Workout and break it down, ingredient by ingredient and publish it on our YouTube channel as part of this investigation series? Cool. Consider it done. It would be nice to have an educated conversation with one of these people who actually knew what was in these products and how under dosed and over priced they are.

      • Alicia Anderson says:

        Your response to my comment just proved my original comment. Your sources you? Get over yourself. I see absolutely no science behind this. You state that you’ve done years of research? Prove it! You cannot cite yourself as an expert, go ahead and post your MBA certificate. For crying out loud, swallow your pride and prove yourself, or stop making your bold claims. Again, I read this article thinking I would gain some information about a particular MLM company and I found nothing but a biased over emotional rant. Sure, you posted some numbers about Herbalife lawsuit. But then the entire paragraph after tha for crying out loud, swallow your pride and prove yourself, or stop making your bold claims. Again, I read this article thinking I would gain some information about a particular MLM company and I found nothing but a biased over emotional rant. Sure, you posted some numbers about Herbalife lawsuit. But then the entire article after that was nothing but a selfish rant. And it’s Adderly pointless trying to get across to you that people don’t want to read someone’s opinion on something without sources cited. Even if it’s your own research, you should have sources cited of where you got your information for your research. Any research knows that.

        You say you’re the expert? Prove it! You say you’ve done years of research? Prove it! Cite your sources. You are no expert, you’re just an Internet blogger.

        • How would you like me to cite my research? I’ve said, literally a bunch of times, I’ve done research through READING and STUDYING scientific journals, white papers, clinical studies. I’ve never published them. I’m not an author but I can read their book and become more educated on topics. Would you like me to post every whitepaper, journal, clinical trial I’ve ever read and researched? I don’t think you can comprehend that someone can become an expert by studying. They don’t give out degrees on supplements. You educate by READING.

          • Alicia Anderson says:

            If you do not know how to cite your research, you were not a researcher lol. You’re just another Joe Schmoe trying to push your own agenda.

          • I literally just asked you if you wanted me to post every white paper… But you probably would not know how to read or understand one. So what I’ll do is take your favorite company, Herbalife, and I’ll take one of their supplements and break it down. I’ll CITE every source for every ingredient and if you really the time to try to read and understand, you’ll realize just how much of a joke these products are compared to the others available at far more affordable prices. I need to go back to being Uncle Schmoe for the day.

  • Kevin says:

    You’re recommending GNC, they’re expensive and they’ve also had issues before about their supplements not actually containing whats in the label.
    Also you seem to hate MLM that you have biased opinions automatically if the products are from MLM, i think you would agree that alot of commercially available products are also Trash, and they are heavily advertised, most of the consumers money goes to their celebrity endorsers.

    • Not recommended per se, just saying they’re a better option with people behind the desk that know more than your neighbor selling you this junk. Yes, a lot of commercialized brands are trash, hence if you look at this website you’ll see the ones that are good (most of the time they’re smaller companies) versus the ones that are not so good (most of the time are larger companies). I look past the marketing and the BS to break down an supplement fact panel.

      I hate MLM in this space because I know that to achieve that business structure you have to make a cheap product and sell at a premium. It’s how it works. Find me one MLM in this industry where they use effective, clinical dosages and the costs are affordable. I’ll wait… I’ll just be waiting forever.

  • Maisy says:

    There is no more profit in mlm as normal retail where a cut goes to the owners, the reps, the shop the distributers, the lorry drivers, the packers.

    Its laughable that you comment on mlm with a sweeping statementthat isnt true lol.

    Some products are rubbish some are brilliant but the mark up is the same. I know , i used to own a supplement shop.

    As for getting rich, its all down to hard work and can be done. Im not a fan of herbalife but i like to stick to facts unlike yourself who seems to have a downer on mlm for some bizare reason

    • Incorrect. Let’s use a pre workout for example. The COGS for a good, quality product dosed correctly is mid teens. You sell to retailers for $25/$30. The MAP price is $49.99.

      MLMs sell their UNDER DOSED pre for $50/$55. It costs them, and this is being generous, $1 to make. They do this so they can pay their stream of commissions to their reps AND make a helluva margin after the fact.

      C’mon, do your research or at least know the markups in this industry before you make a comment like that.

  • Violet says:

    What are you’re thoughts on Plexus Products?

  • Sherry says:

    What do you think about TruVision Health?

  • Sharon says:

    Years ago, I tried to start a MLM company. (Not a nutritional supplement one.) I learned that in order to make any kind of profit, I would need to over price my product 4-5 times higher and use the cheapest material I could find. Out of the proceeds of one item sold, I would have to pay the downline of 6-7 people. Imagine how much money I would make if I priced at a lower cost and used good quality material. Next to nothing. I get how these MLM’s work because I’ve researched for many years on how to start one up. I’ve put together many compensation plans. I decided not to start one up, because I wanted to sell a quality product. There wasn’t a way around it. It’s different if you buy a good quality product from somewhere like, GNC. Those supplement companies don’t have to pay 6-7 people on each distributor’s downline. They are able to make a good quality product for a reasonable price.

  • Fox says:

    Amazing. On the page “Fitness Informant” you sells supplements and on the same page there is an article that speaks badly about Herbalife. Do you need to send another company below to sell your products? Are you a scientist to talk like you talk?? The way you talk it seems you’re the only one who knows everything.

    I have been a Herbalife customer for over 25 years, I use the products every day and I feel like I did felt.
    The products are amazing and one company like Herbalife, in 95 contry in the world with over 38 years in the market man…you should be respect when you talk about Herbalife.
    Maybe you were not even born and the company already existed and you come to speak as if you were the owner of the truth?

    • What flavor koolaid do they have you drinking?!

      Let’s clarify a few things, because obviously as a Herbalife customer/distributor for 20+ years it’s apparent you don’t do any kind of research.

      I don’t sell supplements. There’s your first uneducated comment. Second, I study these ingredients, their effectiveness and their dosages from REAL studies. The products you use are trash. Being the largest company in the world in this space doesn’t mean anything with it comes to quality. It just happens to be the largest nutrition company in the world selling the world’s shittiest supplements. When you decide you want to take your blinders off and spend countless hours reading white papers and can be educated, then come talk. Until then, enjoy all that unmoveable product in your garage.

  • Fox says:

    Let’s clarify a few points.

    1- I’m a Herbalife customer.
    2 – you have not made research for free and just give your opinion in here on this chat for free also.
    3 – all the research you read in your searches probably are not right, is not your fault but, do you question all the research for more than 38 years?? You are a genius you are missing out on giving free information in here
    4 – everyone has the right to give opinions but facts are facts and I believe in science not in opinions
    5 – facts: the Herbalife company still continues to make bilions of dollars every year in more than 90 countries and you make comments for free, unbelievable!

    It’s best to do searches in the right places and i just give to you some updated information:

    • 1) You’re getting ripped off
      2) I’ve published my info on our social channels, soon to be here on the underdosing and overpriced crap you buy
      3) All my research comes from independent 3rd party studies from organizations like universities and hospitals, so yes, they’re right
      4) My comments are all based on science and scientific research, not opinion
      5) It is the largest in the world, but also the most dishonest

      I guarantee you have no idea what the ingredients are that you are putting in your body, let alone how much you need. Herbalife shakes are terrible for you. You can continue to drink them, you’re not helping yourself, only their pocketbook. The price tag is atrocious.

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