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Kaged Launching Clean Burn Powder with Apple Cider Vinegar

By April 20, 2022April 25th, 2022No Comments
Kaged Clear Burn ACV

Kaged, formerly known as Kaged Muscle, will be launching a powdered version of their popular Clean Burn fat burning product with a more loaded profile than its capsule counterparts. Kaged Clean Burn with apple cider vinegar is set to launch everywhere on April 27.

The powdered version of Clean Burn features several ingredients not found in the the Clean Burn capsules, regular and Amped.

Kaged Clean Burn with Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement Facts Panel

Kaged Clean Burn ACV SFPThe formula is a 30-serving at 6.8g per serving. It starts with 1,500mg L-Carnitine L-Tartrate as Carnipure. Carnipure is one of the highest quality carnitines on the market today. The minimum dosage we want to see is 1,500mg. Users then get 500mg Coconut Water Powder to aid in hydration. 

One of the main ingredients touted by Kaged is the use of 500mg Apple Cider Vinegar. Although there are not any conclusive studies that show ACV can aid in fat loss, research does suggest that it can help regulate healthy blood sugar levels. By regulating blood sugar levels the theory is you can prevent glucose storage in the form of fats. ACV halso has gut health benefits that can aid in digestion.

Tyrosine is dosed at 375mg. This is a lower dosage of an ingredient that can aid in cognitive improvement. It can potentially help with focus and mood elevation.

Caffiene is used at 166mg. This is PurCaf which is an organic caffeine from green coffee bean and AmaTea. This is what Kaged likes to use in their all-natural products since they are 3rd party tested and athlete approved.

Organic Guayusa is dosed at 100mg (AmaTea).

Capsicum (Capsimax) is used at 50mg. Capsimax can boost resting energy expenditure—the number of calories required by the body at rest and accounts for approximately 60% of calories burned daily. At a 50mg dosage, this is the equivalent of burning the same amount of calories in running a mile.

The last ingredient is CaloriBurn at 20mg. CaloriBurn is a branded Grains of Paradise that will increase body temperature. We have seen this as high as 50mg, but can still be effective at 20mg.

The powdered version of Clean Burn with apple cider vinegar is different from the capsule versions that is a nice mix between Clean Burn and Clean Burn Amped in terms of caffeine content, but overall this is a very comprehensive formula.

The full release will be April 27th.

Final Takeaway

Overall I think this falls into the Kaged wheelhouse nicely. It has some nice features that their tested athletes will love. Creating a thermogenic product without the use of certain ingredients can be difficult, but Kaged seemingly did that here with the use of key ingredients like CarniPure, organic caffeine, Capsimax and CaloriBurn.

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