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Kaged Makes Life Simple With On The Go Packets

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Kaged is known for their top tier ingredients and powerful formulas. But it’s not always easy to carry tubs of pre-workout or your current hydration formula. So Kaged has brought you an easy fix in their travel size sticks for both their Elite Series Hydration and Elite Series Pre-Workout. In the Hydration Series you can choose from my favorite Lemon Lime or Strawberry Yuzu. In the Pre-Workout Series You can choose from Cherry Limeaid, Strawberry Lemonade or even a mix of both. 

Kaged Pre-Workout Elite SeriesKagedPWOSFP

There are alot of good pre-workouts on the market but not all can keep up with the Elite Series from Kaged.

Now you have access to easy on the go sticks. So it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, have limited space or are just lazy and don’t want to carry your pre-workout tub around(like me). You can grab a little packet and go and not think twice. No more carrying around little funnels or spilling your supplement powder all over the place.

Want to learn more click the link below to read all about the difference between Kaged pre-workouts and see why this is the true Elite Series.


Kaged Hydration Elite SeriesKagedHydSFP

Just like mentioned above with the Elite Series Pre-Workout, no one wants to carry multiple supplement tubs around. Even with the newest and hottest gym bag on the market it just becomes a hassle to lug around multiple tubs that have the potential to spill all over your bag. Sure you could get some zip lock bags and try to scoop enough into the bag without spilling it. But again, why?

Nothing is easier than opening the cabinet, grabbing a single serving packet of your favorite flavor and going about your day. Lets be real, the faster you’re done packing and prepping for the day the faster you can get to the gym. If you want to read more on why Kaged Hydration Elite Series is truly Elite, click the link below.


Final Takeaway

From the day we first tried Kaged Elite Series product line we have been hooked. It’s that type of product line that you seem to compare everything else to after you try it. I travel a lot, whether its to a clients bodybuilding show or powerlifting event, or just packing for the day I can’t begin to describe how convenient these grab and go sticks are and I love seeing so many options. I could see in the near future grab and go sticks being more popular than supplement tubs.

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