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Kaged Mindset Will Launch In Stim and Stim-Free Versions

By December 19, 2022No Comments
Kaged Mindset

If you've been into a Vitamin Shoppe lately you may have stumbled upon a new nootropic supplement from Kaged called Mindset. The new nootropic from Kaged is a nootropic powder available in both a stim and stim-free version. Mindset will launch everywhere on January 23rd. 

Mindset is currently available in-store at Vitamin Shoppe and soon online. It is available in one flavor (although it looks like caps it is a powder) in Orange Mango.

Not too many brands have been releasing a stimulant free nootropic, which makes this a unique offering from Kaged.

Kaged Mindset + Caffeine

Kaged Mindset+Caffeine Formula

Kaged Mindset Stim Free

Kaged Mindset Stim-Free Formula

Kaged Mindset Formula

There is only one difference between the two formulas of Mindset. One contains 300mg caffeine (per 2 scoops) and the other does not. Every other ingredient is exactly the same

The formula starts out with 1,200mg of Alpha-GPC yielding 50% Alpha-GPC. This is the accepted dosage and what users should demand in a nootropic formula. Alpha-GPC is a very effective choline molecule that increase acetylcholine in the body. This helps improve memory, mood and focus.

L-Tyrosine, a nonessential amino acid is dosed at 1,000mg. We are seeing Tyrosine be used up to 2,000mg, but 1,000mg is sufficient. It can help improve focus.

Acetyle L-Carnitine aka ALCAR is dosed at 1,000mg. You have typically seen ALCAR used in fat burners and it may improve the oxidation of fatty acids, but it also can cross the blood brain barrier improving cognition. 

L-Phenylalanine is used at 300mg. This is an essential amino acid that supports brain health.

THE +CAFFEINE VERSION ONLY contains 300mg caffeine.

Cereboost, an American Ginseng Root Extract is dosed at 200mg. Cereboost has been proven in mice studies to help improve cognitive function. 

Ioniplex is used at 100mg to help with bioavailability of the ingredients used.

SunPS® PhosphatidylSerine, another branded ingredient, is used at 100mg. This has been shown to improve symptoms of declining memory, learning, concentration, coordination, and mood.

Huperzine A is the last ingredient used at 10mg (100mcg). The addition of Huperzine A along side Alpha-GPC has been shown to be a great combination of ingredients to improve brain health.

Overall this formula is a one-of-a-kind formula featuring ingredients not used much. by other brands (Cereboost for example). 

Kaged Mindset will launch everywhere on January 23rd via the Kaged website. 

Final Takeaway

I cannot wait to get my hands on the non-stim. I am surprised more brands don't do a non-stim version of an effective nootropic, but Kaged did. I will agree that the addition of caffeine can make the product more effective, but with so many energy drinks being consumed, and larger doses of pre-workouts, a non-stimulant nootropic may be just what people need. We are set to get these soon - when we do we will share our results with you.

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