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KLOUT PWR Launching Pump Kaps

By December 16, 2022No Comments

KLOUT PWR is set to launch another product to their expanding product line, Pump Kaps. Pump Kaps is a convenient, on-the-go pump capsule featuring NO3-T, VasoDrive-AP, AmentoPump and Pine Bark

PUMP KAPS SFPKLOUT PWR currently has a non-stim pump powder, but there has been an uptick in demand for pump capsules. Pump Kaps from KLOUT PWR is a 3-capsule serving size containing 25-servings per bottle.

The formula starts with 1g of Betaine Nitrate as NO3-T. Exogenous nitrates are one of the most effective ingredients at increasing blood flow.

VasoDrive-AP is dosed at 300mg. We typically see VasoDrive-AP at 254mg, however they desired dosage is 508mg. At 300mg users will still get a decent dosage of VasoDrive-AP to aid in increasing blood flow. VasoDrive-AP works by inhibiting an enzyme that leads to the constriction of blood vessels.

AmentoPump, an ingredient very few brands are using, is dosed at 250mg. AmentoPump is PDE inhibitor aka vasodilator. This allows for more blood flow into the muscles.

Lastly, the formula contains 2o0mg of Pine Bark. Pine Bark increases blood flow through the increase in nitric oxide production. 

Overall this should be an effective formula that will be great as an add-on to your pre-workout.

KLOUT PWR Pump Kaps officially go live on December 21, 2022.

Final Takeaway

This is a really good formula for increasing blood flow. You are adding in nitrates, having your body produce more nitric oxide and relaxing the blood vessels allows for more blood to flow into the muscles. Targeting multiple pathways is the way to go with pump products. Rest assured we will be trying this out when it drops!

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