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KLOUT PWR Karma Pre-Workout Gets Reformulated


KLOUT PWR has positioned themselves as a brand with a high quality offering across the spectrum of various sports nutrition categories. The brand has several pre-workout supplements including their high-stim pre-workout Mamba and their high-focus pre-workout Karma. Both are getting a make over that will include key branded ingredients to help improve overall performance.

KLOUT PWR Karma Pre-Workout

KLOUT PWR Karma pre-workout was one of the higher rated pre-workout supplements on Fitness Informant at its current formulation, but it is about to get an upgrade. There was nothing wrong with the previous/current version, but the updated version will be improved to lead to even more focus than before.

The updated formula starts with a PWR Performance Blend. The first ingredient is Beta Alanine at 3.2g. This ingredient has been shown to buffer lactic acid and can lead to longer workout sessions by reducing muscle fatigue. Beta Alanine was missing from the previous version.

Next, users will get 300mg Aquamin for hydration and performance purposes. This was also not available in the previous version.

The same two types of caffeine are used in the updated version of Karma but at different dosages. Users will get 200mg Caffeine Anhydrous and 75mg Infinergy yielding 256 mg caffeine. In the previous version users were getting 275mg Caffeine Anhydrous with 25mg Di-Caffeine Malate.

Lastly, Theobromine is used i the new version at 50mg. This behaves a lot like caffeine and can elevate mood, energy and body temperature.


KLOUT PWR Karma SFP (previous version)


KLOUT PWR Karma SFP (updated version)

The PWR Focus Max is the key area of this formula. It starts with 2,000mg Taurine. This can potentially aid in cognition, but it would be better suited in the performance blend. This can help regulate electrolyte allowing for more output. Taurine was not in the previous version.

L-Tyrosine was used in both versions at 1,000mg. This is a non-essential amino acid that can help improve memory and focus.

KLOUT PWR decided to go with 600mg Alpha-GPC and CognatiQ instead of nooLVL and Thinkamine. Alpha-GPC is one of the most impactful and effective choline molecule crossing the blood brain barrier to improve cognition. CognatiQ, formerly known as NeuroFactor is also used at 100mg, double what we typically see. This coffee berry extract has been shown in clinical studies to improve memory and focus. 

L-Phenylalanine is dosed at 100mg. This is new to the updated version. L-Phenylalanine supports brain health.

Pink Himalayan Salt is used at 100mg. This, like Taurine, should be in the performance blend.

Lastly, TeaCrine is used at 50mg yielding 20mg. This will help with mood and energy levels.

The PWR Pump Blend remains unchanged with 1,000mg Betaine Nitrate and 500mg Sodium Nitrate for a total of 1,500mg NO3-T nitrates.

Overall, we think the formula, on paper, has improved slightly.

Users will still get 25-servings in four flavor options: Space Kandy, Sour Paradise, Juicy Burst and Arctic Cherry.

The updated version of Karma launches on on March 26th. 

Final Takeaway

This is one of my favorite high focus pre-workout products out there. A solid formula with big doses of nootropics like CognatiQ and Alpha-GPC makes me happy. I like the dual use of caffeine as well as it improves focus for users. 

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