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KLOUT PWR Reformulates Mamba Pre-Workout

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KLOUT PWR was our on list of brands to watch in 2023 as we knew they were doing an update across the brand in terms of their formulas, labels and strategic retail partnerships. KLOUT PWR has made two effective pre-workout powders in Mamba, their high-stim pre-workout and Karma, their lower stim, more nootropic centered pre-wrokout. Klout PWR has decided to update both formulas.

KLOUT PWR Mamba Pre-Workout

KLOUT PWR Mamba pre-workout is the brand's higher stimulant based pre-workout. It received a good rating here at Fitness Informant in terms of the official review, but KLOUT PWR has decided to update the formula to include more branded ingredients.

The new formula is split up into three areas: PWR Performance Matrix, PWR Focus Blend and PWR Pump Blend.

The formula starts with the PWR Performance Matrix. The first ingredient is 3.2g Beta Alanine. This ingredient is one of the most common used in pre-workouts. It helps buffer lactic acid and aids in muscular endurance. This is the same dosage as used in the previous version.

The next ingredient is 370mg Caffeine Anhydrous. The previous version had 350mg Caffeine Anhydrous. In addition to 370mg Caffeine Anhydrous, the updated version includes 30mg Infinergy which yields 22.5mg caffeine for a total of 392.5mg caffeine. The previous version included 50mg Di-Caffeine Malate, but it was the generic version. The previous version of Mamba had a total of 387.5mg s0 very comparable. The updated version includes slightly more of the fast acting Caffeine Anhydrous.

Aquamin is used at 300mg in the updated version. This was missing from the old version. This aids in hydration and potentially impacts performance.

ElevATP is also new in the updated version at 150mg. This aids your body in producing more ATP which is the fuel we use for energy. 

Theobromine returns at 100mg. This can act similar to caffeine to improve energy and body temperature.

Pink Himalayan Salt is dosed at 100mg to aid with hydration; this was also in the previous version.


KLOUT PWR Mamba SFP (previous version)


KLOUT PWR Mamba SFP (updated version)

GBB does return in the updated version but we get FitGBB, a branded version at 15mg versus a generic version of 30mg. This can increase body temperature.

We then get into the PWR Focus Blend. It starts with 2,000mg Taurine. This is more of a performance ingredient, as it can improve strength and power output. Taurine was not in the previous version.

Alpha-GPC is dosed at 500mg. The 500mg dosage will yield 250mg Alpha-GPC. The difference in this version versus the previous is KLOUT went away from the branded AlphaSize Alpha-GPC, otherwise the dosage is the same. 

Theanine is dosed at 50mg. This ingredient can help elevate mood. Theanine was not in the previous version.

Finally KLOUT PWR gives us their PWR Pump Blend which is unchanged from the previous version. Users will get 1,000mg Betaine Nitrate as NO3-T and 500 Sodium Nitrates. 

Overall you could say the update was a benefit to the consumer as the brand added in new ingredients like elevATP and Taurine and kept a lot of what was good in the previous version, but maybe just went to the generic version.

The updated version of Mamba will be available in Space Kandy, Sour Paradise, Poison Apple and Arctic Cherry. These will continue to be servings.

The updated version of Mamba will be available on on March 26th.

Final Takeaway

The fact you are getting a larger serving size plus more servings per container is a huge win. KLOUT PWR improved the formula in the reformulation, which is always the goal. If you are looking for a higher stimulant pre-workout that won't crack you out, this is it. 

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