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Primeval Labs Incorporates Rip Factor in Primavar

Primeval Labs Prima Var

Primeval Labs is getting into the branded single ingredient space with the announcement of their new muscle builder Primavar. Prima Var will be Primeval Lab's first single branded ingredient product. Primavar is a muscle builder containing 325mg of RipFactor per serving.

RipFactor is a patent ingredient from PLT Health Solutions. Studies have show RipFactor to increase strength, endurance and muscle-mass in just 14-days. RipFactor is a blend of two extracts, that work together in synergy to promote better recovery, blood flow, activation of mTOR, promote muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown.

Primeval Labs Primavar is available now for pre-order with orders shipping July 7, 2023.

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Final Takeaway

I am a big fan of RipFactor and the clinicals behind the data. Not many brands are doing single branded ingredient SKUs but there is one brand that has done it very well. Prima Var from Primeval is going to be a product that will work, and with a combination of diet and exercise could show some significant improvements to your physique.

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