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ProSupps Launches New Cookie Dough Flavored MyBar

By December 17, 2023No Comments
FIt Butters
ProSupps MyBar

ProSupps MyBar is getting a new flavor, and it will rival any protein bar on the market in terms of taste and texture. The new Cookie Dough flavored MyBar from ProSupps has officially launched on the brand's website. The new flavor is coming to GNC in January.

The ProSupps MyBar could be classified as a meal replacement bar. Each bar is 88g in size (typical size is 65g). Each bar contains 380 calories coming from 30g protein, 17g fat and 29g carbs. These are chocolate coated bars with a soft interior making them an enjoy to eat.

Cookie Dough features a cookie dough like center with a soft texture that reminds you of actual real cookie dough. Cookie Dough MyBar will join Triple Chocolate, Caramel Craze and Peanut Butter Paradise as available flavors of ProSupps MyBar.

Final Takeaway

These are great tasting bars with amazing texture. I know I personally liked the Cookie Dough one best, but Dani is a huge fan of the Caramel Craze one as well. Yes they are higher in calories so this isn't something you'd have several a day, but if you look at some of the other satiating protein bars like MetRX, this one is right up there in terms of overall enjoyment.

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