NutraBio Classic Whey Protein Review

By Ryan Bucki / July 19, 2017

NutraBio Classic Whey

nutrabio classic whey protein powder overall ratingNutraBio is changing the sports nutrition industry by being 100% transparent. The creation of their website took their commitment to transparency even a step further. This has been a huge benefit not only for the company, but also to the consumer.

Class Whey from NutraBio utilizes only WPC80 (80% whey protein) which is put on the label. This is the highest quality Whey Protein Concentrate you can get. With over 10 flavors to choose from, Classic Whey is a solid option for your next protein purchase. Don’t trust me? Check your lot # at for your pre-purchase confidence booster.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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NutraBio Classic Whey Label


5.0 / 5.0

Classic Whey is made from WPC80. Whey proteins can be as low as 34% protein, which is what a lot of companies use to sell cheap products at high margins. Not NutraBio. On the label it claims that there is 34.13g per serving, of which 32.47g are protein. But wait, doesn't the label claim 25g of protein? Well, 32.47g of WPC80 yields 25g of COMPLETE protein. The label also breaks down the flavoring at 1.66g (depends on the flavor.)

Classic Whey from NutraBio contains only 3g of carbs and 2g of sugars. You are not getting a blended protein, but a quality WPC. 

A test of lot # 224774 showed that this protein had 25.64g of protein per serving. 


5.0 / 5.0

nutrabio classic whey bottleEffectiveness of protein is based a lot of the quality of the protein. Classic Whey is a high quality WPC. This helped speed up muscle recovery and thus reduced delayed onset muscle soreness. Because it is of a higher quality WPC the absorption rate is better this allowing your body to use more of the complete protein in the container. 


4.0 / 5.0

Flavor: Cake Batter, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Milkshake

I prefer their 100% Whey Protein Isolate flavors over their Classic Whey. I tried cake batter. To me this tasted more like vanilla than cake batter. I also tried cookies & cream and for whatever reason I have still not found a cookies & cream protein powder that tasted like a bowl of cookies & cream ice cream. My favorite was the chocolate milkshake. This tasted close to their WPI chocolate version. It maybe was because I don't use much WPC anymore as I prefer WPI. It was not bad at all; however, I have had some garbage tasting whey protein concentrates in the past.


3.5 / 5.0

There was just something about the mixability of the Classic Whey for me. I used a Blender Bottle and a Cyclone Cup. For whatever reason I could never get the Classic Whey to dissolve completely. I would always get a chunk or two. This is really the only negative thing about the powder, in my opinion.


4.5 / 5.0

You can find protein blends on the market that list Whey Protein Isolate first that come in around $50 for a 5lb container. Classic Whey retails for just over $55 for a 5lb container. You might ask yourself why would you spend $5 more for concentrate when you can get a blend. The answer is simple. The blends that you see do not disclose the amounts of each protein they are using, and they don't tell you the quality of WPC they are using. Could it be WPC34? Yes, it could be. With your investment in Classic Whey you are getting the assurance that you're buying quality protein that your body can actually use to help speed up recovery and grow muscle. Overall, you get what you pay for, and Classic Whey is worth every penny.

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