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BPI Best Aminos with Energy Review

By November 3, 2017 No Comments

BPI Sports Best Aminos with Energy

BPI Sports Best Aminos with Energy












  • Great Flavors
  • Decent Value


  • Terrible Mixibility

Overview of BPI Best Aminos with Energy

BPI’s Best Aminos was introduced as a new effective amino product, backed by peptide bonds, with the addition of their energy matrix. Many companies are coming out with products that include and energy matrix. BPI is attempting to capitalize on their brand name with this new product.

BPI’s Best Aminos is a decent product. The profile gives you the accepted 2:1:1 BCAA matrix, it is fairly effective, has a great taste, mixability leaves a lot to be desired, and value is great. If you’re looking for an energy based amino drink this is an OK choice but there are better ones out there.

Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

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Testing Results and Ratings

We reviewed BPI Best Aminos with Energy on five categories. We first start by looking at it’s ingredient profile. This portion of the review looks at the amount of aminos used, as well as the kind of aminos, the ratio and other ingredients involved in the making of this BCAA powder.

We then look at effectiveness. A high BCAA product will be effective. This is generally an extension of the profile section. The higher quality ingredients used at proper dosages, the more effective that product will be.

Then we move into the taste of the different flavors we’ve tried. We grade each flavor separately and average the scores for their overall taste rating. We were able to test out the following flavors: Huricane Orange & Red Lemonade.

Mixability refers to how well the powder mixes in 12oz of water. We use the shaker bottle test. This would be your typical Blender Bottle with the spiral chrome ball.

Finally, we talk about value. Value is the combination of profile, effectiveness, taste and mixability in relation to cost. Another part of value are the competitors and other versions of BCAA products on the market; both with and without caffeine.

Ingredients Profile


BPI’s Best Aminos with Energy has a good BCAA profile. You get 5g of 2:1:1 BCAA per serving (1 scoop). No one can complain with that. It uses 500mg of an energy matrix derived from green tea, white tea, l-carnatine, theobromine and phosphotidylcholine. You’re energy matrix really comes from the first three but the label doesn’t specify how much of each you get, which is disappointing to me.

For me, I like the use of caffeine in an energy matrix, the label here does not show that. The use of peptide bonds is great as you get a higher sense of hydration while using this product. Lastly the 1g of glutamine is a nice addition but not enough to do what glutamine is supposed to do. The profile is good, I just with the label was more clear.

BPI Best Aminos with Energy label



BPI’s Best Aminos is effective when it comes to relieving muscle soreness and fatigue. I would use this product throughout the day as I am not a fan of coffee so the energy matrix was what I was looking for while helping alleviate that muscle soreness. I did not feel the kick like I thought I would, similar to a cup of coffee, but it did work well to address the main issue of muscle soreness.


Hurricane Orange: (9/10)
Red Lemonade: (10/10)

The taste of BPI’s Best Aminos is great. We tried two different flavors. If you’re looking for an amino product with great taste you cannot go wrong with this. It is very tasty and something you can drink all day everyday.



The main issue with BPI’s Best Aminos is that it does not dissolve well in water. We used a Blender Bottle, and we would have to shake it up every time before we took a drink because it wouldn’t fully dissolve into the liquid. If left set for several minutes you could see it settle at the bottom of the bottle. If you’re OK with shaking prior to every drink then this shouldn’t be of concern to you.



Great value with BPI’s Best BCAA. You can find this product online between $18 and $25 for 30-servings. That is great. If you want more BCAA per serving then you’d have to go with two scoops to get 10g which then would cut your servings in half.

Studies suggest you should take in about 9g of BCAA per 100 lbs. I would need about 4 scoops a day to reach that level which cuts down on your servings. Even if that’s what you do keep in mind that this product hovers around that $20 mark you can’t find many values better than that.


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