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Dedicated Nutrition Sensation Review

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Dedicated Nutrition Sensation













  • Taste
  • Mixability
  • Value


  • 4:1:1 vs. 2:1:1

Overview of Dedicated Nutrition Sensation

Canada isn’t far from the US at all. But making the jump into the states from any land outside the US is hard. Dedicated is doing just that. They released two products in the states in 2018 with a deal with and hope to expand.

Sensation is the BCAA product from Dedicated Nutrition. It’s really meant to be drinking intra-workout to improve your overall performance. Overall, you are getting a great tasting BCAA product that gives you 7.5g of 4:1:1 BCAA ratio with the added benefit of hydration and endurance. I would like to see the 2:1:1 ratio of fermented BCAAs, but they are betting heavy on Leucine. It’s a good BCAA product that does a great job of encouraging drinking more liquids.

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Testing Results and Ratings

We reviewed Dedicated Nutrition Sensation on five categories. We first start by looking at it’s ingredient profile. This portion of the review looks at the amount of aminos used, as well as the kind of aminos, the ratio and other ingredients involved in the making of this BCAA powder.

We then look at effectiveness. A high BCAA product will be effective. This is generally an extension of the profile section. The higher quality ingredients used at proper dosages, the more effective that product will be.

Then we move into the taste of the different flavors we’ve tried. We grade each flavor separately and average the scores for their overall taste rating. We were able to test out the following flavors: Bubblegum.

Mixability refers to how well the powder mixes in 12oz of water. We use the shaker bottle test. This would be your typical Blender Bottle with the spiral chrome ball.

Finally, we talk about value. Value is the combination of profile, effectiveness, taste and mixability in relation to cost. Another part of value are the competitors and other versions of BCAA products on the market; both with and without caffeine.

Ingredients Profile


The best ration of BCAA per studies is the 2:1:1 ratio. Sensation gives us 7.5g of BCAA at the 4:1:1 ratio. I am a bit disappointed here as studies all indicate this is the direction to go. There are studies that claim Leucine is the most important, and it is key in the mTOR process but best at 2:1:1 ratio. Leucine is also the cheapest of the three BCAAs, so this is why a lot of companies use higher ratios. I would like to see a 2:1:1 and I would like to see fermented BCAAs for my own sake.

A nice addition to this is the 1g of Citrulline Malate. The clinical dosage of Citrulline Malate is 6-8g. This little spark will help with blood flow, but won’t change the world. We do get the clinically backed dosage of Taurine at 1g, which aids in endurance and strength.

Grape Seed Extract is used at 100mg. Some studies show that this helps heal wounds which would help improve recovery time from tears in muscle fibers. Other studies have shown an activation of ATP with Grape Seed Extract wihch is how our body produces energy.

Rhodiola Rosea is used at 100mg. This helps reduce fatigue, which is what is needed during workouts. This dosage is decent. This has been shown to work at doses as low as 50mg.

We also get 300mg of Phosphates which help with hydration. AstraGin is used at 50mg  to help with absorption.

Overall my takeaway is I would like to see a 2:1:1 ratio, but I like the addition of Taurine, Citrulline, Grape Seed Extract and Rhodiola Rosea. Could be better, but also could be worse. (I have seen a 10:1:1 ratio before).

Dedicated Nutrition Sensation label



The biggest thing with Sensation is that I felt it reduced fatigue throughout the day. The hydration aspect, along with the added Taurine and Rhodiola Rosea can go a long way. We didn’t have a ton of muscle soreness (lactic acid). Unlike pre-workouts it is hard to tell how well these work, but after a brutal leg day you get to tell rather quickly.

I would recommend this to a friend based on effectiveness. Could it be more effective? I would assume yes, but it worked well.


Bubblegum: (10/10)
Sour Bomb: (7/10)

Bubble Gum was ON POINT. This was refreshing and tasted great. It also tasted like Bubble Gum. Many products claim a flavor, but fail to follow-up on them with the actual profile. This does a great job – no qualms about this.

We’ve received other flavors and will update when we try.



A serving size is 12.5g so not a ton. Mixability is on-point with serving size. We didn’t have issues with it. There were a few particles left floating in the water, and some residue that sunk to the bottom, but overall it mixed well in a full shaker cup. Aminos typically don’t dissolve all the way in water so this is expected.



BCAAs are coming in these days retailing for over a $1 a serving. For a quality 2:1:1 ratio BCAA this makes sense. Sensation is $1 a serving, not over a $1. This is in-line with the profile. They are using a less expensive ratio of BCAA so they can make this cheaper than the 2:1:1 players. If it was just the 4:1:1 ratio at $30 I would have an issue, but we also get Taurine, Citrulline, Electrolytes and other ingredients that aid in recovery.

See our full BCAA & EAA buying guide here.


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