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About SteelFit USA

From the makers of Pro Tan®, the team at SteelFit® has been in the fitness industry for 30+ years. Founded by Stacy and Rob Kaufman, the Father-Son duo works together on a daily basis to continually develop and improve the SteelFit® line.

Both Stacy and Rob, along with the entire SteelFit® team are truly passionate about the products that they develop — high-quality ingredients and effectiveness are of extreme importance.

SteelFit’s products are formulated for optimum results both onstage and off and are designed for all health and wellness enthusiasts, from fitness competitors to weekend warriors and everyone in-between. Whether used individually or stacked together, SteelFit’s products will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

SteelFit’s motto is simple: “They will never manufacture a product that we personally wouldn’t take or wouldn’t give to our friends and family.

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