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Arms Race Nutrition Reveals Stabilize His & Hers Label

Arms Race Nutrition Stabilize His & Hers

Arms Race Nutrition is launching a His and Her version of Stabilize exclusively on their website on May 2nd. The brand revealed the full supplement facts panel behind them both today.

Stabilize His SFP
Stabilize Hers SFP

Both formulas are comprehensive formulas based on your sex with some crossover between he two. Both feature Berberine which supports glucose metabolism. We find the same dosage in both (see, men and women can be treated the same). Both formulas also feature DIM at 200mg. This can aid in estrogen regulation. Lastly, both formulas feature Shoden Ashwagandha at 120mg to help with cortisol management.

Stabilize His contains 2,100mg Maca Powder. This has been lead to believe to aid with fertility. Longjack is also used at 200mg. Although research suggest that Longjack doesn't improve testosterone levels, it can help with performance and fertility. The last ingredient that His uses in Boron Citrate. This is dosed at 5mg and has been shown to positively benefit natural testosterone levels.

Stabilize Hers features two unique ingredients, Chaste Tree Extract and Setria Gluthathione. Chaste Tree Extract (agnusides) has beeen shown to improve PMS symptoms, speficially breast pain and can aid with fertility. Setria Glutahione has a high bioavailability and helps protects cells from the damaging effects of toxins and oxidative stress.

Overall both formulas are a nice addition to your monthly stack if you can afford it. With fertility rates declining, it isn't a bad idea to supplement with Stabilize His or Hers.

Final Takeaway

Since you're dealing with a hormonal product, you need to have a His and Hers. ARN did a great job of cross using ingredients that benefit both sexes at dosages that are equal. They did a fine job of sourcing other ingredients specific to men and specific to women.

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