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Kaged Clean Burn ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Is Officially Available

Kaged has officially launched their Clean Burn powder that features Apple Cider Vinegar. This is the brand's first powder based thermogenic joining their Clean Burn capsules and Clean Bur Amped capsules.

Clean Burn with Apple Cider Vinegar features a different profile from the capsule based products. It features ACV (apple cider vinegar) which has health benefits pertaining to the gut, as well as branded ingredients like Carnipure, Capsimax and CaloriBurn to improve metabolic activity and fat loss.

Kaged Clean Burn retails for $44.99 for 30-servings and is available in Orange Mango only. 

Final Takeaway

Kaged has really put an emphasis on clean formulations geared towards athletes (NFL, college, UFC, etc) as they are 3rd party tested and do not contained banned substances. We know where Kaged manufactures their items and it is one of the best manufactures in the country. You can trust that Clean Burn ACV will pass all the tests.

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