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Kaged Launching Elite Series Exclusively Into GNC

Kaged Elite Series GNC

Kaged is preparing for the biggest launch in the brand's history. Kaged will launch a new Elite series of supplements exclusively with the supplement giant GNC on August 31, 2023.

Kaged has been on a tear in 2023. The brand went through a massive re-brand, separated from Kris Gethin, launched into new categories and earned many distribution wins. The brand does not show any signs of slowing with the announcement of a whole new premium line of supplements coming exclusively to GNC.

Kaged Elite Series will consist of over 10 new products donning the Elite Series tag. Users can expect to see the following supplements roll out nationwide into GNC starting on August 31:

  • Pre-Workout Elite Stim (tubs and single servings)
  • Pre-Workout Elite Non-Stim
  • Clean Burn Elite
  • Test Elite
  • Creatine Monohydrate Elite (powder & caps)
  • Mindset Elite + Caffeine
  • Mindset Elite Non-Stim
  • Organic Greens Elite
  • Protein Isolate Elite
  • Hydration Elite (tub and single servings)

Upgrades in formula, new flavor systems, complete new flavors, new product names and new delivery systems are going to be key to this new line coming exclusively to GNC.

Kaged Elite Series will be one of the biggest launches in the history of GNC and Kaged. Fans of the brand can expect to see a full wall of Kaged products starting on August 31.

Stay tuned to FI for more info including breaking down the updated formulas and flavors. 

Final Takeaway

I was sent advanced versions of the new Elite Series. The new line of supplements from Kaged is going to be an upgrade, even from the "F-U pre-workout" Pre-Kaged Elite. Users can expect this to be the top tier line of sports nutritional supplements from Kaged as well as some of the best in the business. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@FitnessInformant) for more content and flavor reviews of the new lineup. 

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