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Merica Labz and Panda Supps Collaborate to Launch First Blood Pre-Workout

By February 19, 2024February 22nd, 2024No Comments
First Blood Featured Image

Collaborations between two brands in the supplement space is no longer abnormal (albeit it that it is not technically "normal" yet either) as brands are coming together to help co-formulate and create new products. Panda Supps is no stranger to the collaboration game. The brand has collaborated with several in the past, but this time Panda Supps has teamed up with Doug Miller's Merica Labz to launch First Blood pre-workout in two flavors.

Each respective brand will have their own flavor that they will sell individually on their brand's website. The two flavors are available to brick and mortar so stores can stock both. First Blood will be available in Freedom Fuel, the Merica Labz exclusive flavor; and Commie Tears, the Panda Supps exclusive flavor. 

In addition to the exclusive flavors, each container will contain a free gift inside. Purchasers of the new First Blood pre-workout will receive a free pair of Viper sunglasses inside their container of pre-workout.

Merica Labz and Panda Supps both have created amazing pre-workout supplements in the past, but let's breakdown the collaborative efforts between the two brands in their new First Blood Pre-Workout.

Merica Labz X Panda Supps First Blood Pre-Workout Ingredients

Getting the minds together at Merica Labz and Panda Supps is a benefit for our industry. Both brands have done some epic pre-workout powders in the past. First Blood will be no different.

L-Citrulline – 10g

Merica Labz X Panda Supps First Blood SFPIt is probably the most used pump inducing ingredient on the planet, Citrulline which is a precursor to Arginine, is dosed at 10g in First Blood. When it converts to Arginine in the body it then signals the nitric oxide pathway to product more NO2, which causes an increase in blood flow and bigger pumps. Acute effects start at as little as 3g of Citrulline.

Beta-Alanine – 6.4g

While most pre-workout supplements have 3.2g, the starting dosage of Beta-Alanine, the 6.4g dosage is becoming more optimal. Beta-Alanine, the ingredient that causes the tingles, also has significant benefits for muscular endurance.

Betaine Anhydrous – 2.5g

Beataine Anhydrous is an ingredient that aids with strength, power and recovery. Starting dosages start at 1.25g, but the 2.5g dosage is more optimal for improving performance.

L-Tyrosine – 2g

Tyrosine is being used more abundantly in pre-workout supplements now more than ever before. This non-essential amino acid helps improve memory function and focus. The 2g dosage is what is becoming the new standard in pre-workout supplements.

Alpha-GPC – 600mg (Yielding 300mg)

It is important that you look at the yield of Alpha-GPC. Many companies will put 300mg on their label but don’t tell you it is only yielding 50%. In First Blood from Merica Labz and Panda Supps you are getting a 600mg dosage yielding 300mg active Alpha-GPC which is optimal. Alpha-GPC, a choline molecule, is one of the most effective versions of choline used today.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg

Caffeine doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Caffeine Anhydrous is the fast (not fastest) acting synthetic version of caffeine used most often in pre-workout supplements. The 300mg dosage has become a standard among many players in the sports nutrition game.

VasoDrive-AP – 254mg

VasoDrive-AP allows the pump to last longer. Starting dosages of VasoDrive-AP are 254mg, with optimal coming in at 508mg. VasoDrive-AP is a casein derivative that helps improve the overall pump.

Pine Bark Extract – 250mg

Pump is a key component to this pre-workout First Blood. Pine Bark Extract is dosed at 250mg. This ingredient is known for it’s ability to help prevent vasoconstriction thus improving blood flow. The 250mg dosage is a good dosage.

DiCaffeine Malate – 150mg

DiCaffeine Malate is a slower acting version of caffeine added to help prolong the energy and reduce the crash. DiCaffeine Malate yields 74% caffeine. In addition to the 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, users are also getting another 111mg caffeine from DiCaffeine Malate.

Skullcap Powder – 150mg

Skullcap powder is an ingredient not seen often in the pre-workout category. Due to the higher amounts of caffeine used in First Blood, Merica Labz and Panda Supps elected to use 150mg Skullcap Powder to help sooth the nervous system. An abundance of caffeine may improve performance, but the impact is has to your central nervous system sometimes gives you the shakes and the jitters, using Skullcap Powder pay help alleviate this.

Caffeine Citrate – 100mg

Even more caffeine with 100mg of Caffeine Citrate being used. Caffeine Citrate yields 50% caffeine which means you are getting another 50mg caffeine from Caffeine Citrate. Caffeine Citrate acts faster that Caffeine Anhydrous. Users will first experience the impact of Caffeine Citrate, then Caffeine Anhydrous and finally DiCaffeine Malate.

The total amount of caffeine per serving is around 461mg.

Bitter Orange Extract – 100mg

Bitter Orange Extract is dosed at 100mg which yields 30mg Synephrine. Synephrine is a stimulant that can increase thermogenesis but also can improve energy levels in tandem with caffeine. 

Astragin – 50mg

Astragin is an ingredient by Nuliv Science that can aid in absorption.

Final Takeaway on Merica Labz X Panda Supps First Blood

At first glance the caffeine level may be too much for me (I have yet to try) but with the addition of Skullcap Powder it may actual pan out OK (especially with three forms of caffeine versus one). I think this is a unique concept by both brands, who both do pre-workout powders extremely well. The Viper glasses in each container is a nice touch and almost cereal box like. We will do a video on the effects of First Blood and bring you a One Sip Review to our official Instagram channel

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