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Merica Labz Makes Slight Update to Napalm Formula + New Flavors

Merica Labz Napalm

Merica Labz is make a slight change to their thermogenic pre-workout Napalm. The brand revealed that they will be removing Eria Jarensis from the formula. The brand elected to remove Eria Jarensis for core values and compliance reasons.

Merica Labz has always been the arm of Doug Miller Enterprises that pushed the envelope, had more fun and did whatever they wanted. Don’t think that is changing. The brand made the decision to move away from Eria Jarensis because as a whole, the DME brand wanted to ensure every brand was 100% compliant with 2023 standards on ingredient usage. Updating the formula doesn’t change the DNA of the brand, it is just smart.

Merican Labz Napalm SFPWhile Merica Labz is removing the 300mg dosage of Eria Jarensis, users will get a new stimulant and more of another to help fill the void. Merica Labz added 3mg of Yohimbine. This stimulant is the “king” of stimulants and at 3mg is the dosage most like to use to help aid in fat loss. NOTE: if new to Yohimbine start with a 1/2 dose to access tolerance.

Merica Labz added another 100mg of Theobromine to help aid in thermogenesis. The V1 version had 100mg Cocobuterol, which is a great ingredient but Merica wanted to bridge that gap with the loss of Eria Jarensis so they decided to go with Theobromine HCl at 200mg.

In addition to the small changes in the formula, the brand is also launching new new flavors of Merica Labz Napalm. Napalm will be available in three flavors: Tango Foxtrot (existing flavor),  Jalapeno Margarita and Agent Blue.

The updated version of Merica Labz Napalm will launch on Labor Day, September 4, 2023.

Final Takeaway

Good on the Merica Labz team (Doug Miller Enterprise) to make the change. I like EJ, personally, but from a compliance standpoint it can be iffy. I think keeping the culture and DNA of Merica Labz is important, but not risking it via formulations is smart. We will have feedback on this one once we receive it.

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