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About Performix

PERFORMIX® is a fitness movement. We are a collection of like-minded leaders dedicated to creating a virtuous circle of empowerment, empathy, aspiration and inspiration through fitness. We seek to inspire those who join our movement to believe in a more perfect version of themselves.

Whether with our products, PERFORMIX House or FitOps Foundation, we believe that we are most human and most alive when we are striving for more at the apex of failure and success. We don’t accept the norm. We strive to disrupt it.

We are a collection of passionate and like-minded leaders driven to inspire as many people as possible. We are unrelenting in our mission to inspire as many people as possible to Keep Perfecting. We are a fitness movement. And we’re just getting started.

Approximately 25 US veterans take their own lives every day. Their struggles in life come in many forms, but one of the more prominent issues they face daily is the lack of purpose in their own lives. The FitOps Foundation needs your help to bring that number down to 0.

The FitOps Foundation was founded to help these US veterans, men and women who took the ultimate oath, find purpose in their lives through fitness. FitOps was founded on the belief that fitness is transformative to every aspect of our lives. To be humble and hungry for success in being our physical best is a mindset that can be brought into both personal and professional relationships.

Performix Latest Reviews

Performix Superhuman Recovery Review: A Mid-Tier Muscle-Recovery Formula
Superhuman Recovery from Performix is a standard muscle-recovery product containing only 8 of the 9 total EAAs. This was a miss on their part. The addition of Lepidamax is a nice addition, and one of the first brands to use it, but at the end of the day you can find better and you can find worse muscle-recovery products.
Performix SST Pre Review: A Decent Pre With Great Flavoring
Performix SST Pre is a preworkout from performix and is geared towards endurance and performance
Performix ION v2X Review
Performix ION v2X is the hardest hitting pre-workout in the Performix series. With 14 active ingredients, Performix ION v2X is a well-dosed high energy pre-w0rkout anyone would be happy with. ION v2X is not for the beginning, but for the committed athlete and bodybuilder who is looking to push through plateaus. ION v2X was able to produce an amazing workout with high energy, laser focus and satisfying pump all without having to use DMAA or DMHA.

Performix Latest News

Performix Announces SST Energy Seltzer
Performix will be launching an alcohol-free energy and metabolism boosting RTD called SST Energy Seltzer.
Episode 57: Jeremy Potvin
IFBB Pro Men's Physique competitor Jeremy Potvin discusses his times on stage at the Mr. Olympia, looking at 2020 Mr. Olympia and his time inn the US military.
Performix Launches SST H2
Performix launches the second-coming of SST called SST H2 featuring molecular hydrogen complex.
Performix Super Male H2 Coming December 20
Performix will their male support supplement, Male H2, featuring Terra Intelligent Dosing Beads on December 20.
Performix Superhuman Recovery Launches in GNC
Performix has launched its second product under their new look called Superhuman Recovery available at GNC.
Episode 49: Matt Hesse
Performix CEO Matt Hesse discusses the rise and fall of Performix, its re-birth and rebrand, the FitOps Foundation and the Performix House.
Performix Partner & WWE Superstar John Cena To Match Up To $1 Million For FitOps
WWE superstar John Cena plans to match up to $1 million in donations to FitOps, a non-profit organization which helps veterans transition into civilization through fitness.
Performix Launches Re-Brand and New SST Pre at Olympia
Performix is back with a new look and a new SST Pre-Workout, debuting at the 2019 Olympia.