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Merica Labz Launching Turkesterone Based Hollow Point

Merica Labz Hollow Point

Merica Labz is the next brand to get behind the hype of Turkesterone. Merica Labz is set to launch Hollow Point on Monday, May 30th. Hollow Point is a new muscle-building supplement from the brand featuring 1,000mg Turkesterone (standardized to 10%) and 300mg Epicatechin (standardized to 90%) with the addition of 10mg BioPerine.

Turkesterone has gained a lot of popularity due to the feedback from users claiming increases in strength and size without any side effects. Turkesterone comes from a family of compounds known as ectysteroids. Other ectysteroids are ecdysterone which has shown a positive correlation between supplementing and strength and mass gains. 

Hollow Point will go live on Monday, May 30th from Merica Labz.

Final Takeaway

I am currently using this to see if I get any benefit. I am not sure what to think on this yet. If Turkesterone is similar to Ectysterone then one could assume the benefits are similar. Time will tell.

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