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MuscleTech Announces Peptide 185, A DiLeucine Anabolic Powerhouse

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MuscleTech, a giant in the sports nutrition industry, has recently reevaluated their innovation strategy, and it is already paying dividends across the sports nutrition scene. Their newest revelation could very well change the trajectory of the supplement industry.

Peptide 185MuscleTechPeptide185SFP

Lets start with the biggest question, just what is Peptide 185? It is essentially a state-of-the-art research grade peptide, composed of two leucine molecules bonded together, creating a unique, patented dipeptide structure known as L-Leucyl-L-Leucine Monohydrate or Dileucine.

We have pretty much all heard of Leucine. This, along with Isoleucine and Valine, is one of the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Out of all the amino acids, Leucine is the most potent activator of protein synthesis. Cells are able to sense leucine levels, and in response turn on protein synthesis via the enzyme protein mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), a master-regulator of protein synthesis. When protein synthesis is elevated the result can be improved muscle mass and strength gains. 

MuscleTech decided to partner with on of the  leading cutting-edge formulators behind Enfinity® Paraxanthine. Together they have harnessed this enzymatic complex responsible for transmitting the body’s most powerful anabolic signal in a way that’s never been done before and created what we have here today. 

In a groundbreaking study in 2021, subjects who consumed 2000 mg of DL-185™ demonstrated a massive 159% greater activation of muscle protein synthesis compared to baseline and 60% greater than regular leucine. Being able to increase the length of time our bodies are anabolic is a huge factor in overall growth, now we can control that with Muscletech’s Peptide 185.


MuscleTech Peptide 185 Final Takeaway

MuscleTech has definitely gotten my attention with this one. There aren't really any other reputable supplement companies making these kinds of strides. While I haven't gotten my hands on this yet I am extremely excited and given the data and the medical journal linked above I can truly say this could very well be a complete game changer.

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