Goldstar Performance Products Triple X Pre-Workout Review

By Ryan Bucki / May 17, 2017

Goldstar Performance Products Triple X

gold star performance products triple x overall ratingEvery supplement company has a mission statement. Goldstar Performance Products wants to create the most effective supplements on the market without sacrificing quality. Our first experience with Goldstar was in 2015 with the original Triple X pre-workout, which got a lot of hype and craze. We loved it then, so we were excited to try their new Triple X pre-workout. 

Triple X utilizes DMHA, the second coming of DMAA, to provide a kick-in-the-ass blast of energy. You also get 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous with every serving as well. Overall, Triple X does focus on three areas: power, energy and focus. Triple X does a nice job of hitting on all three and is priced around the same as others in the DMHA category.

Overall Rating: 3.75 / 5.0

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Triple X Label


3.5 / 5.0

Triple X is essentially utilizing a proprietary blend to give us the breakdown of their label. They do breakout their Caffeine Anhydrous at 350mg. We all know what caffeine does. It increases our energy and our alertness/focus. They also breakout L-Taurine at 1,500mg, which is properly dosed and L-Tyrosine at 600mg, which is also properly dosed. These increase strength and cognitive functions.

The proprietary blend is 7,316mg of 8 ingredients. The first ingredient listed is L-Citrulline. This provides a nice increase of nitric oxide production in your body thus producing a better pump which improves power and endurance. Regarding the optimal dosage I have seen this higher than 6g. I think it is safe to say that there is not 6g of L-Citrulline in this, but there is a fair amount since it is listed first. The second ingredient is Beta-Alanine which has been shown to increase strength output. This is optimally dosed around 2g. Next we have Creatine Monohydrate which also has shown to increase strength and power. This is optimally dosed at 5g. Then we get into the DMHA.

DMHA is caffeine on steroids. It produces energy. Typically dosages of this is 150-200mg that I have seen in other PWOs. Eria Jarensis produces that euphoric feel-good feeling we get from increased levels of Dopamine and Noradrenaline. This ingredient is very similar to DMAA. Not a bad thing. We have very little research on proper dosages.

For the next ingredient we have Hordenine HCl, which is typically used in fat burners as it speeds up your metabolism. Then we get to the Nootropic in this pre-workout, Phenylpiracetam. There is no optimal dosage of this at this point but it is typically taken at 200-600mg per day. Last we have Huperzine-A which is another cognitive enhancing ingredient. We would typically see this at 50-200mcg per day.

Triple X uses some very good ingredient combinations. I really like the use of Caffeine Anhydrous with DMHA AND Eria Jarensis, I just wish I knew what we were getting in terms of dosage on the two latter ingredients. I think on some ingredients this is under dosed (i.e. Creatine Monohydrate...but that's OK) but the hope is they focused on proper dosage of key ingredients like DMHA.


4.0 / 5.0

repp sports reactr bottleTriple X was a solid pre-workout. The one area it lacked was a pump, but that’s because they really focused on the focus and energy/power output of the PWO. There is L-Citrulline which improves your pump but I don’t feel it’s dosed high enough to produce those vein splitting pumps. It does a great job with energy and focus. The use of Nootropics (Phenylpiracetam) is big. Nootropics are gaining steam in the pre-workout market and I was happy to see it used here. You are laser focused when you take Triple X and you’re ready to push through your workout thanks to the Caffeine Anhydrous, DMHA and Eria Jarensis. Overall, Triple X is a very effective pre-workout for energy and focus.


4.0 / 5.0

Flavor: Blue Raspberry


We tried the blue raspberry flavor of Triple X. It was quite refreshing. It did not have any chemical taste too it at all. It tasted like a lot of the blue raspberry pre-workouts out there so if you've had one before then you can assume this is very similar.


4.25 / 5.0

Triple X mixes nicely at only 10g per serving. I mixed it with 6-8oz as that's what I am accustomed to doing with pre-workouts. Very moderate residue was left after vigorously shaking the shaker cup. 


4.0 / 5.0

Triple X is priced about where you'd expect. It is a DMHA based pre-workout, at 30-servings for about $40. This is becoming the new norm in the category. The one thing that makes this a bit more valuable than other DMHA 30-serving pre-workouts is that it uses Eria Jarensis which is similar to DMAA. The combination of this with DMHA provides a nice euphoric energy. 

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