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Sparta Nutrition


SPARTA NUTRITION is the fastest growing supplement company that truly ignites flavor and health. Our unrivaled Whey Protein blends revolutionize the taste and quality of traditional supplements and enhance them with nostalgic cereal flavors such as Marshmallow Cereal, Fruity Cereal, Cinna Crunch Cereal, and Apple Cinnamon Cereal.

Our protein blends are science-driven, deliver 100% transparency, and possess an unmatched flavor matrix. We have transformed beloved breakfast cereals into guilt-free protein powders.

Our products are manufactured in a cGMP approved, FDA audited, and an NSF Certified facility.

Sparta Nutrition


Sparta’s blend of multiple protein sources is ideal for muscle repair and growth! Protein is the backbone of supplementation and Sparta’s Whey Protein blends not only get the job done with 25G of protein per serving, but they also taste out of this world with unique flavor explosions.

You can finally ditch added sugars with less than 1g per serving and embrace the low-calorie, high-protein Spartan Whey bliss. It’s the only whey to go!

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Sparta Nutriton


Spartan Whey is the FIRST ever protein powder to include AstraGin®, a powerhouse duo of plant extracts that promote nutrient absorption so you can get the mostout of your pre or post workout shake! We also include a full range of Amino Acidsto build and repair muscle tissue, fast-digesting whey protein to give your muscles the building blocks they need to rebuild, and slow digesting Casein Protein toprolong muscle protein synthesis.

Jen Selter

Sparta Nutrition Latest Reviews

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Black Review: Not the OG, But Still Decent
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Sparta Nutrition Spartan BCAA Review: A Great Tasting BCAA At A Solid Value
Spartan BCAA is awesome. Simple and to the point. It uses a branded source of EAA combined with 2:1:1 of BCAA to make this product while still giving you the proper dosing, great taste and 30-servings. This is one of the best amino acid products on the market today.
Sparta Nutrition Kraken Review (Reformulated 2018 Version): Still A Solid Pre-Workout
Kraken’s reformulated 2018 version is good, it just doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor. Some have called the new version “garbage,” but that is not even close to the case. Kraken’s reformulated version is still very good.
Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred Review (Reformulated Version): Sweat City Y’all!
Hydra Shred has an variety of fat burning ingredients designed to work effectively at helping you achieve your fat loss goals. No, you cannot just take this product and sit. You need to do work. With that said, if you do the work, and take this product, you will be well on your way to your fat loss goals.
Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey Review: Delicious, Smooth Tasting Quality Protein
Our expectations were exceeded with . Why? They give us a tri-blend FULLY disclosed label (down to the flavoring) of the product. To boot, it rivals the competition on price but includes isolate, concentrate and casein proteins to give you a solid feeding system. Overall, Spartan Whey ends up being one of our favorite proteins of all-time!
Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump Review (2018 Reformulated Version): Still Pumpin’
We still really like the 2018 version after the formula changes. It still uses 2g of HydroMax but removed and updated it on several other ingredients, still leaving you with a product that produces a great pump, with the addition of cognitive enhancement now. This still is one of our favorite overall pump products.

Sparta Nutrition Latest News

Where In The World Is Sparta Nutrition?
Sparta Nutrition announced several authentic flavor collaborations in November but the brand has seemingly disappeared.
Sparta Nutrition and Smarties Agree to Authentic Flavor Collaboration
Sparta Nutrition adds another authentic flavor collaboration to their pre-workout line, this time with Smarties candies.
Sparta Nutrition Authentic Dippin’ Dots Banana Split Spartan Whey Is Coming
Sparta Nutrition will be releasing an authentic Dippin' Dots Banana Split Spartan Whey soon.
Sparta Nutrition Launching Two Authentic ICEE Flavored Pre-Workouts
Sparta Nutrition has partnered with ICEE to launch two flavors of their new pre-workout.
Sparta Nutrition Develops Authentic Industry First Scratch & Sniff Labels
Sparta Nutrition's newest products will feature the industry's first authentic scratch and sniff labels.
Episode 38: Sparta Nutrition
Sparta Nutrition owners Mo and Mustafa discuss Sparta's start, influences, what drives them and what they hope to succeed in the sports nutrition business.
Sparta Nutrition Launching Jen Selter Signature Line of Supplements
Sparta Nutrition has pinned Jen Selter as their global spokesperson which will include her own signature series of supplements under the brand.
Sparta Nutrition Launches Marshmallow Cereal Spartan Whey
Sparta Nutrition has launched Marshmallow Cereal, their next cereal inspired Spartan Whey protein powder.
Sparta Nutrition Teases New Cereal Protein Flavor
Sparta Nutrition teases a new cereal flavor or protein coming soon to their delicious tasting protein lineup.
Sparta Nutrition’s #1 Rated Pre-Workout Kraken Reformulated!
Sparta Nutrition is another brand announcing that they will be removing DMHA from their #1 rated pre-workout, Kraken. The original Kraken, featuring 200mg of DMHA, took home our 2017 Shield of Excellence Supplement Award for best pre-workout featuring DMAA/DMHA.
Sparta Nutrition Announces Full Keto Line
Sparta Nutrition, maker of our #1 rated pre-workout Kraken, has announced a full line of ketogenic supplements. This is a whole new avenue for the innovative company.