About Glaxon

Glaxon™ is not intended to be viewed as a life-style supplement brand. Glaxon™ is not marketed to be a Crossfit brand, nor a Gaming brand or a Body Building brand either. Glaxon does not belong to some celebrity fitness influencer.

Glaxon is a brand with one simple goal in mind. "To make Awesome Sh!t" It is better to view Glaxon™ as a scientific experimental journey of the body and mind with an artistic twist that pays homage to the nostalgic. A tip of the hat to where we have been with a focused intent as to where we are heading as humans, as individuals, as a collective spectrum of thought.

Glaxon Latest Reviews

Glaxon Specimen YoYo Review: High Stimulant, Hard Hitting Pre-Workout

Glaxon Specimen YoYo is a pre-workout that not only hits hard with energy, but also provides a solid pump and improves focus.

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glaxon specimen

Glaxon Specimen Review: Become A Specimen Yourself

Glaxon Specimen is a pre-workout that not only hits hard with energy, but also provides a solid pump and improves focus.

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glaxon plasm caps

Glaxon Plasm Caps Review: Massive Pumps In A Small Bottle

Glaxon Plasm Caps is a pump product in capsule form, and delivers solid pumps and convenience.

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Glaxon Thermal Review

Glaxon Thermal V2 Review: Quality, Non-Stimulant Fat Burner

Glaxon Thermal is a great non-stimulant option to potentially increase your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

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Glaxon Plasm Surge Review

Glaxon Plasm Surge Review: Ingredient Synergies Backed by Science Promotes Blood Flow

Glaxon’s Plasm Surge relies on ingredient synergies and proven dosages to enhance blood flow.

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glaxon sedative

Glaxon Sedative Review: Sedate You Against Your Will

Glaxon Sedative is a sleep aid with ingredients working in synergy.

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Glaxon Latest News

Glaxon Anomaly

Glaxon Launches A Limited Amount of Anomaly for New Years

Glaxon has launched a very limited number of bottles of Anomaly for New Years.

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Glaxon Protos

Glaxon Launching Protos Whey Protein and Vegan Protein on Black Friday

Glaxon will launch their first protein product in Protos, available in both whey and vegan proteins.

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Glaxon Neuro 365

Glaxon Brings A Non-Stim Nootropic in Neuro 365 to Market

Glaxon has launched Neuro 365, a non-stimulant nootropic in capsule form.

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Glaxon Goon Mode

Glaxon Goon Mode Nootropic Has Arrived

Glaxon has launched their newest nootropic called Goon Mode in two flavors.

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Glaxon Plasm Surge Candy Cane

Glaxon Launches Candy Cane Flavored Plasm Surge for the Holidays

Glaxon adds Candy Cane as a special limited edition flavor of Plasm Surge for the holidays.

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Glaxon Slyce

Glaxon Launches Slyce, A Stimulant-Based Fat Burner

Glaxon has launched their stimulant based capsule fat burner Slyce.

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