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Killer Labz Destroyer Review

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Overview of Killer Labz Destroyer

Killer Labz happens to be all over my social media. This was enough to make us want to check them out. We are glad we did so we know what to expect from these guys and gals.

Destroyer, Killer Labz pre-workout, is OK. It relies heavy on an energy boost, but comes in light on other important areas of a pre-workout that we find necessary. If you just want a caffeine/stim fix, then this is a choice for you. This is not an all-in-one pre-workout. You would want to supplement a pump product, or even a nootropic with this, to get a better overall workout.

Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

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Testing Results and Ratings

We reviewed Killer Labz Destroyer on five categories. We first start by looking at it’s ingredient profile. This portion of the review looks at the different ingredients used in the pre-workout, what their intention is and how effectively dosed are each ingredient.

We then look at effectiveness. An effective pre-workout will use high quality, proven ingredients, at clinically backed dosages.  This is generally an extension of the profile section. The higher quality ingredients used at proper dosages, the more effective that product will be.

Then we move into the taste of the different flavors we’ve tried. We grade each flavor separately and average the scores for their overall taste rating. We were able to test out the following flavors: Fruit Punch.

Mixability refers to how well the powder mixes in 12oz of water. We use the shaker bottle test. This would be your typical Blender Bottle with the spiral chrome ball.

Finally, we talk about value. Value is the combination of profile, effectiveness, taste and mixability in relation to cost. Another part of value are the competitors and other versions of pre-workout products on the market.

Ingredients Profile


Everyone looks for different things in a pre-workout. I look for a well rounded pre-workout, meaning it touches on endurance, strength output, energy, focus and pump. Destroyer really focuses on one: energy. They focus on it hard.

Let’s break down what we get in this baby.

We start with pump ingredients. We get 3g of L-Citrulline. Pure Citrulline should be dosed 3-5g. So we are on the lower end of Citrulline. I would like to see this higher. The other pump ingredient we get is Agmatine Sulfate at 750mg. This increases your perception of pain and allows our body’s to regulate nitric oxide at high levels. I typically see this at 1g. This is what we get for pump.

Then we hop into strength/endurance. We get 2g of Beta-Alanine. This helps with endurance and strength output. The proper dosage is 3.2g. We are low here. This is the only ingredient that falls into this section.

Regarding focus, the only pure focus ingredient used is L-Tyrosine at 500mg. This is a low dosage. We should be getting 1-2g (some will argue 500mg is sufficient, I will argue it isn’t). This is a cognitive enhancing ingredient. Another ingredient used is N-Methylpentyl-Iminoglutaric Acid at 300mg. This ingredient is known as a happy ingredient. This can enhance your mood too. There’s no studies to give optimal dosage.

Then we get into the energy component. We get 300mg of Caffeine. This is high, but stim junkies like it. They also toss in another 100mg of Di-Caffeine Malate to help prolong the energy throughout the workout. This is 400mg of total caffeine. This is too high in my opinion, but people love their caffeine. N-Methyltyramine is used at 75mg. This is a fat burner and produces energy for the body. Another fat burning ingredient, Higenamine, is used at 50mg. This is a sufficient dosage. Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract, yet another fat burner, is used at 2mg.

Overall, this is an energy dream, but it is going to lack on focus, pump, strength and endurance. If you just want a stim fix and caffeine high, this is your baby.

Killer Labz Destroyer label



At 300mg of caffeine you are going to get the jolt of energy you want from a pre-workout, but we’re missing so much more to make the energy withstanding and avoiding a crash. I would notice my workout starting fine, as you’d expect, but then it would taper off. Even with the high caffeine and stims I would get tired and the focus wasn’t there compared to other pre-workouts I have tried.

I will say if you want that sudden energy rush, then this will work for you for that short period of time, but I feel I have had better workouts with a more well rounded pre-workout.


Cotton Candy: (7/10)

Cotton Candy is what you would expect. This is a bit more sour than your typical pre-workout drinks, making it slightly harder to take down. Overall, it does taste like Cotton Candy, but too sour/tart for my liking.



Mixability definitely could have been better. To finish it off you had to rinse the shaker with more water.



If you’re looking for a stim/caffeine rush, then this is a pre-workout for you. I am into more well rounded pre-workout powders. I like the ones that give you solid pump, strength, endurance, focus and energy. Sure, there will be those who argue that the stims and caffeine will help with focus and energy and endurance, but then you get that nasty crash. If you’re going to spend $40 on a pre-workout that is fine, just make sure it is what you’re looking for. Given that this is 30-servings does help it’s cause, but I don’t just need 30-servings of caffeine and stims.


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