Sleep is one of the most important things you can get to help with muscle recovery and muscle growth. We know that many of you run on 6-8 hours of sleep a night. If you are lacking sleep in terms of quantity, then it's best you make-up for it in quality. Quality sleep, when you reach REM, helps elevate natural HGH levels in the body, thus increasing and improving muscle recovery and growth. Get those quality Zs and get those quality gains.

Each sleep aid supplement is personally reviewed by a member of the Fitness Informant staff. We are not influenced by outside vendors or dollars. We put the products through our full testing process, which includes using the product for the container duration (if it is a 30-day supply then we use it for a full 30-days before writing and recording our reviews). We review each sleep aid supplement on profile (ingredients used), effectiveness, dosage (are the ingredients properly dosed?), and value. If the sleep aid comes in a powder form then we will also review it on taste and mixability. Take back your sleep with 100% trusted reviews from Fitness Informant. Be Informed. Live Fit.

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