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Wild West Nutrition Boilermaker Review

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Wild West Nutrition Boilermaker











  • Fat Burning Ingredients


  • Under Dosed
  • Limited Effectiveness
  • Poor Value

Overview of Wild West Nutrition Boilermaker

Wild West Nutrition is a really good marketing company who makes supplements. What we mean by that is they are not making supplements for the hardcore supplement user. If you’re new to supplements, Wild West Nutrition may have something for you.

Wild West Nutrition Boilermaker is their fat burner. With 15 ingredients used one would think this is going to be an epic fat burner. Unfortunately, the ingredients are underdosed. Boilermaker ends up being an overpriced, pseudo effective fat burner. We’d recommend looking elsewhere for your fat burning needs.

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Testing Results and Ratings

We reviewed Wild West Nutrition Boilermaker on four categories. We first start by looking at it’s ingredient profile. This portion of the review looks at the ingredients used in the making of this fat burner. We look into each ingredients effective use and determine if it was a quality selection for the product.

We then look at the dosage of the fat burner. Are they using the ingredients at effective doses? It’s one thing to select awesome ingredients, it’s another to make sure they are being dosed where they are meant to be effective.

We then look at effectiveness. This is generally an extension of the profile and dosage section. The higher quality ingredients used at proper dosages, the more effective that the fat burner will be.

Finally, we talk about value. Value is the combination of profile, dosage, and effectiveness in relation to cost. Another part of value are the competitors and other versions of fat burners on the market.

Ingredients Profile


Fat burners typically have a staple of proven ingredients on their ingredient deck. Boilermaker does that.

Boilermaker starts with Chromium at 200mcg. Chromium is a normal mineral in our bodies that aids in digestion. It does this by moving glucose from our blood stream into our cells to be burned off as energy. Next on the label is AstraGin at 25mg, which aids in absorption. After that, ActiGin is used. ActiGin, made by the same company who makes AstraGin, is used to improve recovery. This ingredient doesn’t make a lot of sense in this formula, but muscle recovery is important. It also may enhance endurance, which would help you burn more fat if you’re putting the work in.

Higenamine is used next at 30mg. Higenamine is used in many pre-workouts and weight loss supplements to aid in fat loss. Some say it is similar to ephedrine. Grains of Paradise is used at 40mg. This is another fat burning ingredient used in Boilermaker. We get 40mg of Bitter Orange Extract, another fat loss ingredient.

CapsiMax is essentially cayenne pepper. This is dosed at 50mg. This is going to help increase your body temperature. This is known as a thermogenic ingredient. Next, we actually get cayenne pepper at 50mg. So in total, we are getting 100mg of a form of red cayenne pepper to raise body temperature.

Raspberry Ketones is a huge buzz word in fat loss. It is dosed at 75mg. Theacrine is used at 75mg. This is similar to caffeine in which it will speed up your metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system. Green Coffee Bean extract is dosed at 100mg. This is a natural form of energy that, like Theanine, will aid in fat loss through increasing metabolism and stimulating the central nervous system. Garcinia Cambogia, another staple in weight loss supplements, is dosed at 100mg.

L-Carnitine, which aids fat loss by transporting fatty lipids in your bloodstream to be metabolized and used as energy. This is dosed at 225mg. CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is dosed at 225mg. This aids in fat loss, not necessarily weight loss. Last, you get 250mg of Caffeine. Caffeine is going to help increase your body’s energy production which means burning calories.

Outside of really AstraGin, the ingredients are all aimed at reducing fat and weight loss in humans. There are not many ingredients outside the norm. I do like the use of Grains of Paradise and Higenamine. Overall, profile (if dosed correctly – see below) is decent.

Wild Wild West Nutrition Boilermaker Label



Boilermaker uses solid ingredients that aid in fat loss and weight loss IF and ONLY IF they are dosed correctly. Although we rated the ingredient profile pretty well, dosage is where we find out if the product is going to work or not. What we are going to do is list the ingredients and what they are dosed at, then we will list the common dosage or clinical dosage after.

Chromium: 200mcg | Recommended: 1,000mcg 2x a day | Under dosed
AstraGin: 25mg | Recommended: N/A | Used for absorption
ActiGin: 25mg | Recommended: N/A | Used for endurance
Higenamine: 30mg | Recommended: 20-30mg 2-3x a day | Under dosed
Grains of Paradise: 40mg | Recommended: N/A (Human study done with 10mg) | Dosed appropriately
Bitter Orange Extract: 40mg | Recommended: 10-20mg 3x a day | Dosed appropriately
CapsiMax/Cayenne Pepper: 100mg | Recommended: N/A | Dosed appropriately
Raspberry Ketones: 75mg | Recommended: 100-200mg | Under dosed
Theacrine: 75mg | Recommended: N/A | Dosed appropriately
Green Coffee Bean Extract: 100mg | Recommended: N/A | Dosed appropriately
Garcinia Cambogia Extract: 100mg | Recommended: 500mg | Under dosed
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: 225mg | Recommended: 1,500-3,000mg | Under dosed
CLA: 225mg | Recommended: 1,000mg | Under dosed
Caffeine Anhydrous: 250mg | Recommended: N/A | Dosed appropriately

Overall, you can see some ingredients dosed appropriately, but there are too many under dosed ingredients in this profile. Had all of these ingredients been dosed correctly, this would be a much better fat burner. It relies heavily on caffeine and energy sources to boost metabolism while under dosing key ingredients like Higenamine.



As an extension of the dosage of Boilermaker, one would imagine that this product isn’t the most effective on the market. That one would be right. Yes, you will get an increase in energy production with the caffeine and energy sources, but the fat burning ingredients are not working hard for you in our opinion.

Body temperature didn’t go up as much as we’d like. Many fat burners will make you sweat more (thermogenic), however we did not get it with this.

Other fat burners will control appetite and cravings, we did not get this with Boilermaker.

Overall, the only thing we really got from Boilermaker was a slight increase in energy, however we would take this in the AM with our pre-workout, so it could have been a combination of the two.



I am never a fan of giving out a poor rating on the value of supplements, but unfortunately, this is going to be a poor rating. For 30-servings, this is going to retail for around $45. This is just too high of a price tag for a mediocre, at best, fat burner. Knowing what else is on the market, what those products use for ingredients and using optimal doses, Boilermaker comes in towards the bottom of the spectrum.

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