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Olympus Labs Re1gn Review: A Pre-Workout with Punch

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  • Patent Ingredients
  • Uncommon Proven Ingredients
  • Effectiveness


  • Proprietary Blend (Energy Matrix)

Overview of Olympus Labs Re1gn

Olympus Labs continues to evolve as a company, putting out new products at a steady pace. The products are typically innovative, and use ingredients that you don’t find in every-other-product on the store shelves. Olympus Labs Re1gn is no different. Sure, they had issues with their first batch, but this has been resolved.

Re1gn utilizes several patent ingredients including AGmass, Vaso6, AstraGIN and KannaEase in this pre-workout to provide a solid PWO that promotes endurance, focus, energy and pumps. The product does exactly that. You won’t get a jolt of energy like you will with many PWOs on the market, and this is not a bad thing. Re1gn is a great pre-workout for those who are high on energy and endurance.

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Testing Results and Ratings

We reviewed Olympus Labs Re1gn on five categories. We first start by looking at it’s ingredient profile. This portion of the review looks at the different ingredients used in the pre-workout, what their intention is and how effectively dosed are each ingredient.

We then look at effectiveness. An effective pre-workout will use high quality, proven ingredients, at clinically backed dosages.  This is generally an extension of the profile section. The higher quality ingredients used at proper dosages, the more effective that product will be.

Then we move into the taste of the different flavors we’ve tried. We grade each flavor separately and average the scores for their overall taste rating. We were able to test out the following flavors: Dragons Mist.

Mixability refers to how well the powder mixes in 12oz of water. We use the shaker bottle test. This would be your typical Blender Bottle with the spiral chrome ball.

Finally, we talk about value. Value is the combination of profile, effectiveness, taste and mixability in relation to cost. Another part of value are the competitors and other versions of pre-workout products on the market.

Ingredients Profile


Re1gn uses many ingredients that you are not going to find in typical pre-workouts on the market. Most of the ingredients being used in Re1gn are patent ingredietns proven to provide benefits to your workout.

Re1gn starts with 5g of L-Cittruline. The clinical dosage of L-Cittruline is 6g, so we come in very close to where we need to be. L-Cittruline promotes healthy, full pumps.

Another pump enhancing ingredient, as well as improving overall endurance, is 1g of Pomegranate Powder. According to an article at BodyBuilding.com, Pomegranate Powder is full of nitrates which promotes healthy blood flow. This is an ingredient you don’t find in products.

One more pump ingredient we are getting is 1g of AGmass (Agmatine Sulfate). AGmass is a highly pure and natural source of Agmatine manufactured by modern fermentation methods. At 1g, this is dosed appropriately.

The last pump ingredient we get is the patent Vaso6 from Compound Solutions. Per Compound Solutions, Vaso6 is “a proprietary green tea oligomer containing levels of specific vasodilating catechins found within the plant.” It’s intended use is to improve blood flow. This is dosed at 300mg.

Next, we hop into the Energy Matrix. I am disappointed that this is a proprietary blend. It does call out the amount of Caffeine Anhydrous, but none of the rest. This blend contains 678mg of Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg), Eria Jarensis Extract, Julgans Regia Extract and ST1M-X.

Caffeine Anyhdrous at 300mg is at the high-end of the spectrum, especially when you combine it with Eria Jarensis. Eria Jarensis is very similar to DMAA/DMHA/Amp Citrate. It’s essentially caffeine on steroids. As if that wasn’t enough, they include Julgans Regia Extract, which is a naturally occurring form of DMHA. If you don’t get energy from the combination of these two, then you need to lay off your stims.

Olympus Labs also includes ST1M-X in their energy blend. According to Olympus Labs, it is, “trademarked standardized extract of a certain plant’s alkaloids.” It’s intention is to work with other stims to provide maximum benefit.

Theacrine (tasteless) is used at 100mg. Theacrine is similar to caffeine, however our body’s are less tolerant to it (meaning we cannot get used to it). We typically see this dosed at 100mg.

AstraGIN is used at 50mg. It’s primary purpose is to help with absorption of the ingredients in this product. We typically see Bioperine here, but love the use of AstraGIN.

Finally, you get 25mg of KannaEase. KannaEase is known to improve your mood and cognitive abilities. This is a solid use of an ingredient to help overall focus. Not enough evidence is out there to suggest an optimal dosage.

Overall, solid profile. I don’t like the fact that it’s all fully-disclosed except the energy portion of this product (which is something I am very interested in). The use of patent ingredients helps Olympus Labs case here as well.

Olympus Labs Re1gn label



I am a big fan of DMHA in pre-workouts. This product uses Jugans Regia which is a naturally occuring form of DMHA. This, combined with 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous and Eria Jarensis Extract provides a solid energy component to this pre-workout. The addition of 100mg of Theacrine also helps regarding the euphoric energy throughout the workout. If this product only had Caffeine A, you would get that sudden rush and then the sudden crash. Here, you get a nice energy throughout your lift.

Focus and endurance were decent on this product. The use of Pomegranate Powder is a nice touch for endurance. Caffeine A and Theacrine help contribute to focus as well. The inclussion of KannaEase helped with mood enhancement. Overall, the focus was good and endurance was solid.

Pump was OK on this product. You do get 5g of L-Cittruline, 1g of AGmass and 300mg of Vaso6 to help with that. When taken alone, the pump was OK. I would add in a pump powder, which included HydroMax, to help improve pumps. Full disclaimer however, it takes a bit to get me “pumped.”

Overall, this product is a good effective product that would work for anyone. You will get a nice energy, great focus/endurance and good pumps.


Dragons Mist: (7/10)

Dragons Mist is a unique flavor. Olympus Labs does a good job of “covering” the tasteless Theacrine in this (alone this stuff tastes awful). There really is not a “chemical” taste to this product, but there is a slight after taste. Depending on the amount of water being used, this could also be a bit tart. We’ve had pre-workouts that have tasted so much worse than this. Dragons Mist was very drinkable.



Re1gn’s serving size is 9.2 grams, which is on the smaller side when it comes to the pre-workout market these days. Because of that, mixability is benefitted. By not have a 20g+ serving size, you can dissolve this powder in less liquid. I would use about 6oz of water, shake a couple times and it was ready to drink.

Regarding residue, there was not a lot of it at all. This is one of the better mixing pre-workouts I have used.



It seems to us that the new norm in the pre-workout market is becoming a 20-serving container priced around $40. That’s where Re1gn comes in at as well. There are other clinically dosed pre-workouts on the market that retail for about the same. The big thing going for Re1gn is the use of Eria Jarensis, DMHA and the use of several expensive patent ingredients. There is a higher value placed on them.

If you do get this PWO at $40 you are paying $2/serving. I would like to see this priced around $35 (which you can find sometimes) or on a deal (several times I have seen it at BOGO 50% off). If you can find a nice deal on this PWO then it becomes a higher valued product. At the every-day-price with the amount of servings, you can find other products on the market that are competitive with Re1gn.


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