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Our mission is to transcend the genetic limitations of nature. REPP Sports is for people who wanted to be lions when they grew up. You wanted to be an astronaut? That's cool. We'll be over here bench pressing stars. Our company is made up of super strong team members, product quality testers, customers reviews, and speedy delivery. It’s this mission that drives everyone here at REPP Sports.

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REPP Sports Latest Reviews

Raze Energy Review: The Better Tasting Energy Drink
Raze Energy is one of the best energy drinks on the market today. When you think energy drinks you are thinking Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull and Bang, but don't look past Raze Energy - it's better than all of the other four.
REPP Sports Hyper Sleep Review: Quality Sleep and Great Taste
Hyper Sleep is a well done sleep aid at a very nice value. Equipped with Phenibut and Melatonin is just one positive but also getting 1g GABA and 500mg Theanine is just a nice added bonus. Hyper Sleep will help you fall to sleep and improve your gains while doing so.
REPP Sports Broken Arrow Review: Hard-Hitting Pre-Workout
Broken Arrow is solid focus, pump and energy producing pre-workout still utilizing DMHA (REPP Sports states they are going to continue to use this). The flavors of this pre-workout are great, and the price tag isn’t bad either.
REPP Sports Laxogenin+ Review: A Safe Over-The-Counter Muscle Builder
Repp Sports Laxogenin+ is a simple muscle-building product that gives you the addition of L-Carnitine to aid in fat burning. Ideally when you bulk, you want to put on size while keeping body fat low. That’s what this product is intended to do.
REPP Sports Reactr Review: Great First Pre-Workout from REPP Sports
REPP Sports Reactr is an awesome pre-workout supplement. (See our entire buying guide here) Hands-down it is one of the better pre-workouts available on the market.
REPP Sports Raze Review: You Can Feel The Heat
Raze utilizes some common ingredients you find in fat burners like caffeine anhydrous and cayenne pepper, but it also leverages DMHA (a newer form of DMAA) to help speed up metabolism and fat loss. Overall this is one of the more effective fat burners (OTC) that we’ve taken and it comes at a very attractive price.
REPP Sports R-PCT Review: A Value Play PCT
R-PCT from REPP Sports is a fully transparent PCT product containing high quality ingredients at optimal doses that target the big thee: natural testosterone production, estrogen control and liver support. You get all of that at an extremely reasonable price.
REPP Sports Phenibut Review: Cheap Sleep That Works
Phenibut is a simple, one ingredient product that does exactly what it says it does: relaxes you. At a very reasonable price, Phenibut will rank as one of the best sleep aids on the market.

REPP Sports Latest News

Raze Energy Reveals Finalized Design And Name For Its New Baja Lime Flavor
Raze Energy has revealed its new design for thew upcoming flavor Baja Lime
RAZE Energy Announces Baja Lime As The Next Flavor
RAZE Energy has let the fans pick again! The next flavor of RAZE Energy will be Baja Lime.
The Newest Raze Energy Will Be Another Crowd Sourced Flavor
Raze Energy is developing another new crowd sourced flavor. Raze Energy has given the options of Tropical, Tart, Berry or Coffee.
REPP Sports Set To Launch New Pre-Workout in 2020
After focusing on Raze Energy for a period of time, REPP Sports is back to launching new products in their performance powder line.
Raze Energy Set To Release Another Flavor, This Time It’s Teal
Raze Energy Set To Release Another Flavor, This Time It's Teal
Raze Energy Voodoo Win’s New Limited Edition Flavor Name; Pick The Can Design!
Raze Energy Voodoo is coming after winning the fan's vote for the limited edition flavor for Halloween in 2019. Now, you get to help pick the design.
Raze Energy Taunts First-Ever Crowd-Sourced Energy Drink from Design to Flavor
Raze Energy is looking to release a new flavor that will be selected and designed by you, the people.
Raze Energy Launching New America Inspired Flavor on the 4th of July
Raze Energy, the official energy drink of Fitness Informant, is hinting at a special edition Raze Energy flavor dropping on the 4th of July.
Raze Energy Becomes Official Energy Drink of Fitness Informant
Raze Energy is now the official energy drink of Fitness Informant - find out more details inside.